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August 13th 2007
Published: August 13th 2007
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First lesson learnt on this little trip would be don't cycle along roads listed as scenic. I presume the roads are very scenic when you are cruising along in a nicely insulated car at 100km, however this does not ring true when you have sweat dripping in your eyes causing semi blindness whilst struggling to maintain a speed of 20km/hr

The second lesson learnt would be ......... don't whistle at big lurcher style dogs in backyards that you assume to be faraway, to alleviate boredom on vast never-ending country roads. Never mind the fact that you assume they are 100 upon 100 of metres away but also how fast can these things run ?! It turns out pretty bloomin fast . According to my speedometer (not necessarily the most accurate thing in the world) 32km and at the same time closing in fast on my legs and judging by the size of it my body in general! The strange thing is that this mutt obviously had anger issues as it chased me not once but two days in a row. The 1st day in all fairness was partially my own fault as I gave it a cheeky little whistle. On
hi hooooo silver hi hooooo silver hi hooooo silver

on maggies nose
the second day I did my uppermost to keep out of hooch's way even cycling on the other side of the road. I got about 20 metres past the front gate and at the point I (wrongly) assumed that I had evaded interception by the hound of Tairiu. However to my horror hurtling around the corner comes the beast!!! I tried peddling like hell, didn't work. I chucked a water bottle in its face, didn't work (probably pissed it off even more) I even spat at it (Things you do in the heat of the moment) The final throw of the dice was to shout at it which to my complete amazement did work. Amazed and relieved. The bad thing though is that most of the dogs around this part of the country and probably NZ in general is that they are bred for hunting so id like to think it mistook me for a pig or something of that ilk.

Moving on from the canine confrontation the trip has moved on at a steady pace with intermittent doses of sightseeing. I am now for the 1st time cycling in places that I have not been to whilst in
hot water beach hot water beach hot water beach

moi and verity. You really dont want to put you feet in certain places. Managed to steal a hole that had already been dug, bonus .
NZ, so its good to see new things.

I managed to have a bumper day of sightseeing the other day going to both Cathedral cove and hot water beach . Cathedral cove is a pretty amazing rock formation of sorts. It has to be said though that I was more interested in swimming out to this huge rock which had an uncanny resemblance to Margaret Thatchers spitting image profile. I was going to dive off her nose but it was possibly a bit to shallow and I am pretty sure that my health insurance would not cover me for such reckless behaviour which is a shame.

Hot water beach was also pretty impressive, although for some strange reason I thought the water would just be lukewarm not boiling hot. I suppose I should have put two and two together when I saw water flowing out of the sand. Anyhow I couldn't resist and just put my foot right into the mouth of the hot spring. It would be safe to say curiosity killed that cat and the foot in my case. Anyhow hopefully it has taken care of all the Sandfly bites that were turning septic on my
Captain Cooks memorialCaptain Cooks memorialCaptain Cooks memorial

They say the sun never sets on the english empire but i guess they didnt count on some locals lopping there heads off
feet .

Also on this day of days I visited a Captain Cook memorial. This was commemorating the fact that he had discovered something or other relating to navigation . It was also the place where some irked natives decided to kill and cook 10 of his crew members. In describing the natives Cook said " non withstanding they are cannibals they are naturally of a good disposition" One way of looking at it James me old mucka.

Today I arrived in Thames where I was able to get my severely wonky wheel replaced. I asked the man at the bike shop whether this new wheel would realistically get me to Bluff or even better Stewart Island, he said yes. Someone is telling me porkys me thinks.

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cathederal cove cathederal cove
cathederal cove

mmm yeah nice

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