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Published: March 30th 2015
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Hi everyone, no doubt you're Hobbited out !! So we left Tauranga this morning and headed to our next destination called Coromandel which is on the East coast at the last tip that sticks out on the North Island. We decided to take the coast road which is extremely windy, up and down the mountains, but very scenic, however bit 'Hairy Scarey' and that wasn't Stu's driving, believe it or not !!. The local's seem to drive these roads with their eyes shut !! I'm not kidding !! we were nearly wiped out !! with one taking a corner on our side, flippin heck, I said to Stu 'you should have hooted', he said what the heck for, he was gone'. Mad man, not Stu, but the other driver, so instead of a relaxing drive, you just had to have you're wits about you. We were warned by a local woman in Rotorua about this road, but didnt take much notice, now we know what she mean's, that was the worst one, there were others !! So after that, we parked up and went to Hot Water Beach, here you can hire a spade and dig a hole in the sand and you have you're own hot pool. From there we drove to a place called Cathedral Cove, well you had to walk 45 minutes to it, around a mountain, up and down, back up, back down, it wasn't easy, but when we got there it was beautiful. They filmed 'The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian' here, anyone heard of it ? I haven't, but another film to watch when I come home !! You could get a water taxi back, but 'oh no,' Stu said 'were walk', really, I like boats !! So another sweaty walk back, melting on the way, puffed out, exhausted, wishing I could have a fan on me !!! We continued driving along the coast, such stunning views, it just gets better, we arrive at Coromandel, very small but quaint. Our motel is very nice, small like Coromandel but very cute !! We walked to the little town, which took all of 3 minutes and it was closed, oh yes it had gone 5 o'clock !! We walked the little high street, took all of 4 minutes !! Stopped in the Star and Garter Hotel for a jar !! old building, attracts bikers but lots of bits and pieces scattered around inside, very interesting. They have very strange laws over here regarding drinking and driving, including Aussie. Currently the new law states, 'Lower Alcohol Limit for drivers 20 and over, now applies'! meaning the law now says you can have One drink. No strength or size comes into it, found this very Bizarre !!! Just had nice stir fry, now off to have a shower and just relaxing, really beautiful place we are at, cheerio for now.

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30th March 2015

What a fab place. Glad you didn't have any accidents on that road especially with the height of the road! Lovely scenery well worth the trip. what can I say about here? Weather horrible. Everyone is in such a rush! Hope you enjoy your next visit. Look forward to seeing more fab photo's. Take care x

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