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January 27th 2011
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Hello World. Well, this is to be my all-important travel blog. I shall add to it during the course of my life and travels =D
So... to begin.

As I write this entry, I am lying in bed at 0509 (5:09 am) not able to sleep. This could be from subconscious excitement from my upcoming Chile exchange..... Yep, I'm off to Chile, probably on Feb 19th. I'll stay there for under 6 months, going to School and becoming fluent in Spanish!!! (i hope). On the 30th of Jan, a few days way, My friend Diego's brother will be arriving to take my place in my family.... hahahaha well kind of. we are swapping. Except that I'not actually living with his family, but with another Who I don't know. But anyway, I consider myself extremely lucky just to be going, as well as the fact that I know so many people there!!
Most people who go to other countries as an exchange get off the plane knowing absolutely nobody, while meeting me at the airport will be two of my friends, Danny and Diego, plus my Host Family, plus (maybe) Some of Diego's family, like his dad who will probably actually be flying me to Chile himself!!!! (he is a pilot =D) I have three friends in Chile... Danny, Diego, and Michael. Danny and Michael live in the same city, la Serena, and Danny is going to meet me at the airport in Santiago 'cause sh's awesome! and shes studying there.

By the way, I apologize for any bad grammar or anything that doesn't make sense, but i am still awake at 5 am so gave me some slack hahahahaha XP

Well I shall definitely write more later, but that's about all i can handle in my Super tired state =P

Ciao for now,
Lots of Love to you all.


ps.... I'm in Rotorua of course, but aparently it doesn't exist to travelblog hahahaha

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24th February 2011

I found you!
Haha, at long last! Feels good, (Wo)man.... Anyway, from this day forth I'm going to 'travelblog' or 'travel'stalk' ya =D hope you're having fun in Chile!

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