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Published: January 27th 2010
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Feral Mike and The Beast of Burden are Back Gentle Readers, by the time you read this the solo bike ride will be about to resume. I fly from Auckland to Wellington tomorrow (Friday, 29 January 2010) to unshackle the Beast and free him from the dungeon where he has lain for the past few weeks. Together we take a ferry to Picton and the adventure resumes. In the meantime, here's a little of what'... Read Full Entry

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On Fohn Saddle, 1506mOn Fohn Saddle, 1506m
On Fohn Saddle, 1506m

Out of sight and well below is the Olivine Ledge, from where we'd come.
Sharing a TentSharing a Tent
Sharing a Tent

After all those nights in a small tent, Ross and I seem to be getting overly friendly. On Fohn Saddle with the Beans Burn behind us - and our route out.
The largest of the Fohn LakesThe largest of the Fohn Lakes
The largest of the Fohn Lakes

With more time, it would have been nice to have camped on the water's edge for a night.
Just below Fohn SaddleJust below Fohn Saddle
Just below Fohn Saddle

Stephen using an ice axe to cut steps across a patch of snow. Although two of us walked straight across, it was a wise thing to do - the slope was steep and a fall could have been disastrous.
Toasting MarshmallowsToasting Marshmallows
Toasting Marshmallows

Each member of the party was required to bring a 'secret surprise'. Vicki's was marshmallows which we toasted over the embers of a fire at a campsite in the upper Beans Burn.
Mountain ManMountain Man
Mountain Man

Ross negotiating his way down the upper Beans Burn. A litttle later on we were to discover that DoC had been into the area and put orange track markers on trees for much of the way along the river - it made the journey out quicker and easier. However, it would be nice to think the route marking goes no further - one of the joys of The Five Passes is having to navigate your way without too many tracks, tags and cairns.
Campsite at First Flat, Beans BurnCampsite at First Flat, Beans Burn
Campsite at First Flat, Beans Burn

From here we had only a 90minute walk out the next day to the confluence with the Dart River. And Stephen did a great job using the mountain radio to ensure we were picked up by a jet boat to take us back to civilization.
Jet Boat RideJet Boat Ride
Jet Boat Ride

We got a lift from the Dart River - Beans Burn confluence to Paradise, where we stayed with friends of Vicki's for a night. Picture: Ross McLean

A Townson 25 keeler - Judy at the helm, Rangitoto Is in the background.
Route PlanningRoute Planning
Route Planning

On board 'Rationale' and starting to plan my South Island cycle route.

Motutapu Island, Hauraki Gulf
Sun Over the Yard ArmSun Over the Yard Arm
Sun Over the Yard Arm

Enjoying a quiet drink aboard 'Rationale' at Waiheke Island.
The FraserThe Fraser
The Fraser

We enjoyed a week's car camping in Northland. This is at Rarawa Beach, north of Hohoura.
Same Car - Different BeachSame Car - Different Beach
Same Car - Different Beach

This is at Shipwreck Bay, near Ahipara. The car is a Fraser - first registered in 1991. It's powered by a 1600cc Toyota 4AGE engine and because of its light weight, it has startling acceleration. But the ground clearance means it has trouble getting over speed bumps and gravel roads can be a problem. It is fantastic fun to drive.

28th January 2010

good luck with the next adventure
Hi Mike, I really enjoyed reliving the trip with your photos and narrative. Have a great second leg of your NZ cycling odyssey. Thanks again for an aweinspiring trip. Take care!
29th January 2010

The Five Passes
Hi, it was fantastic. But your message has arrived without a name attached. Which of the 'Fab Four' are you? Cheers, Feral Mike
18th December 2010
Tattoo Traveller

How much did that tattoo cost you? Ived always wanted that exact tattoo!
23rd December 2010

New Zild Tattoo
Hi there, Sam got it done at the Dermagraphic Studio in Ponsonby, Auckland in early 2010. It cost him in the region of $400 - $450, but prices might have gone up since then. cheers

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