Published: November 18th 2010
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So Tuesday we met up with Daisy then picked up the rest of that bus load from their hostel in Invercargill before heading the scenic route up to Te Anau stopping at a couple of nice beaches (Fraser Beach & Gemstone Beach) then stopped for tasty pie at Te Anau before head on up to Gunn’s Camp – a lovely site with small huts sleeping 6 each in two rooms with a small communical area inbetween with a table, chairs & stove for heat. There was a separate shower block and a kitching/common room block where Daisy cooked us all Bangers & Mash! We climbed up a cool hollow tree near the camp and visited the local glow worms after the generator got turned off for the evening. I was nacked but the group ended up in our block by fire-light (which I had to coax back into life after it got ignored by those who lit it). At the point where I was near dead on my feet I kicked them out & headed to bed. The fire was out by the morning in spite of the coal & logs I piled on so I had to head over to
Beach hut!Beach hut!Beach hut!

At Gemstone Beach
the kitchen for tea & breakkie.

We left Gunn’s Camp amid clouds & headed over the mountains to Milford Sound where we were booked on a Cruise out to sea & back. It was rather cold & drizzling but the rain meant there were loads of waterfalls & the low clouds made it feel mysterious & magical. We also saw some fur-seals on the cruise & several Keas on the way over. We also stopped to look at a place with the evocative name of The Chasm - where a waterfall had carved out a rather spectacular path for itself. After the cruise it was back over the mountain (or rather through the tunnel under the mountain!) via Te Anau & on to Queenstown where I met up with Cora & Sandra briefly that evening.

Thursday I was up & out of The Last Resort & met up with Taniamaree (a friend of a friend) who very kindly gave me a lift from Queenstown to Invercargill. We had a great time on the way chatting about stuff & I’m meeting up with her tomorrow morning to see more of the area. 😊

Additional photos below
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Gunn's CampGunn's Camp
Gunn's Camp

Accommodation was in these little 6 person huts.

Very mischievous - like monkeys at a safri park!

19th November 2010

I'm so envious reading your posts, the one place I've always wanted to visit is Milford sound, looks lovely even with the cloud. Hope your having a good time and looking forward to seeing you when you come back.

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