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Oceania » Nauru » Yaren July 22nd 2008

There is nowhere like Nauru. It is a fascinating place but its recent history has been rather tumultuous. A very brief history - Nauru was inhabited by Micronesian and Polynesian people around 3000 years ago. Nauru was annexed by Germany in 1888 and phosphate was discovered in 1900. After WW1, Australia, New Zealand the UK became trustees of the island. Japanese forces occupied Nauru during WW2 and after the war, Australia, New Zealand and the UK continued their trusteeship of the country. Nauru became independent in 1968. In 1989, Nauru took Australia, NZ and the UK to the International Court of Justice over their actions during the trusteeship period. The main issue was the devastation to the environment from the phosphate mine. The compensation case was eventually settled out of court. Phosphate mining generated a huge ... read more
Aussie Rules match
Nauruan Soft Drink Company
The road to the mine in the centre of the island

Oceania » Nauru » Yaren November 30th 2007

I visited Nauru for the second time about six months ago and this is my much delayed account of that visit. I wanted to write this short description mainly so I would have an excuse to also post over 15 photos which I think show a different side of Nauru than my first blog entry. There is a lot of beauty on this island, despite everything. This entry is dedicated to the beaches, the ocean and the simple things, both natural and man-made that surprised me and made me smile. My second visit to Nauru was quite a different experience to the first, largely because this time I knew the story and I knew what to expect. So this time, when work allowed, I decided to try and discover more of the natural beauty of this ... read more
A beach on Nauru
Blue sea blue skies
An idea of size

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