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Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei October 11th 2012

A toast to where, what, who??? To Pohnpei, a small island located about 7 degrees north of the equator on the far east side of the Micronesian Islands in the southern Pacific ocean. Tropical, remote, serene. But why on earth would anyone, other than the native Pohnpeians, spend the bucks and the time required to get to this out of the way place that doesn’t even have a white sandy beach to boast of? In the short 8 days which we spent in this beautiful place, we encountered not a single other tourist. We did; however, discover at least 10 different reasons, other than tourism, that people will journey from their home comfort zone and endure the hardship of working in this tropical destination: 1. US Department of Health and Human Services grant assistance: “We are ... read more
The best dining table in Micronesia
Keperohi Falls

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei January 13th 2012

The Lost Stone City – NANMADOL Last May 2010, I travelled to Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia to conduct a risk assessment training course (Image 1). That was one of the most enjoyable training courses I ever had. The Micronesians were so quick to learn and apply the knowledge gained. After all, risk analysis is one of those subjects that you learn by doing. No matter how many reference materials you read, if you don’t do it – it will be guess work!! And as an outcome, we are now in the process of releasing an introductory training course manual on risk analysis, maybe in a couple more weeks. It takes about an hour or so by boat (Image 2) and another half an hour beach walk. Before reaching this archaeological site, you can have a ... read more
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei February 3rd 2011

Feb 04: Final day in Micronesia. I’m looking forward to being home and seeing the family. We tied up some loose ends today; met with the Governor, his staff, and the U.S. Embassy for a debrief meeting. Other than that, went for a quick hike and scouted out some old WWII relics (Japanese anti aircraft guns, bunkers, etc…). Anyhow, a hodge-podge of photos from the last week or so, including a couple action shots to prove that I am actually doing some work down here. ... read more
Another Beautiful Day
Japanese Anti Aircraft Gun
Swimming Tine Falls No. 3

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei February 1st 2011

Feb 01: Well just like Alaska, the weather can affect all things here on Pohnpei Island. Today I saw the effects of Typhoon Yasi which is hitting Northeast Australia. I’ve never seen such intense rain. It rained for about an hour that flooded the streets, overflowed the rivers, and just created havoc everywhere. This afternoon is much nicer and the sun is starting to shine again. ... read more
Pohnpei Rain

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei January 30th 2011

Jan 30: Well today we attempted to kill ourselves hiking through the jungle. Went to a place called 6 falls. I expected it to be rough but I was wrong. It was killer. Six hours of forging rivers, climbing waterfalls, bush whacking jungle, dangling from ropes, swimming up rivers, and climbing slippery rocks through strong currents. It definitely was not a dry hike. It was incredibly beautiful though and chance to see what most people never do. It was also cool that another 50+ gent and I kicked butt on a bunch of young’ns. Old age and treachery triumphs over youth and vigor once more. Of course they’re probably out drinking in the bars tonight and I’m at my hotel popping advil. ... read more
Waterfall No. 1
River Crossing
Waterfall No. 5

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei January 29th 2011

Jan 27: We were invited and had dinner at the US Ambassador’s house last night. Most of the food came from his wife’s garden, except for meat which was either caught or raised locally too. Today’s kind of a slow day with only a few meetings. Went for a nice hike to a high spot on the island, beautiful view. ... read more
Beautiful Trail
Nice Flowers
Looking North from Tower

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei January 26th 2011

Jan 26: We toured the island today conducting site survey for the medical team. I like these because we typically use schools as our site; and I always have fun with the kids (being a big kid myself and all). These photos are from the Lipok Elem. School on the east side of the island. When we got there, one of the classes was singing “this little light of mine.” They got a kick when I joined in singing with them. This is the fun stuff. ... read more
Who Dare?
School Buddies

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei January 25th 2011

Jan 25: We arrived at Pohnpei Micronesia yesterday. Back to reality. Our bus ride to the hotel took about an hour to go about 4 miles because the bus kept breaking down. The humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I woke up early and decided to go for a run. It helped to start the day getting all of sweat out of me. It helped keep me cool the rest of the day. This place is absolutely the tropics. Very beautiful. Much cleaner than Dili. ... read more
Pohnpei hotel covered with flowers

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei July 23rd 2003

This is the first of a select number of past travels I plan to write about. Details may be a little fuzzy because I made this trip almost ten years ago. Background In July 2003, a client of mine - a highly-respected not-for-profit organization serving communities in the Compact of Free Association- asked if I would travel to Pohnpei, capital of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), to make a presentation to their board. Micronesia? All expenses paid trip to a remote Pacific Island most people have never heard of? Hell yes! To top that, I get to tick off one more item on my bucket list: flying on Continental Micronesia's (now part of United) legendary Island Hopper service. This flight is legendary among airline geeks. It operates between Honolulu and Guam with five (yes, you ... read more
My Client's Awesome Staff
Nan Madol
Sokehs Rock

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