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January 21st 2010
Published: January 28th 2010
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Our World Cruise RouteOur World Cruise RouteOur World Cruise Route

The black line shows our 2009 itinerary and the red is 2010.
Well, we’ve had 7 great days of sailing the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Nuku Hiva-French Polynesia this morning about 8:00. Thought we’d include the world map of our journey, which shows this years’ route in red and last years’ in black. For a better view, click on it and it will enlarge.

Nuku Hiva, the “Mystic Island” is the largest island at about 127 sq. miles in the Marquesas archipelago, which is the most northern island group in French Polynesia, nearly 1,000 miles from Tahiti. The islands are rugged volcanic islands and there is no barrier reef here so the surf crashes into the rocky shoreline. Nuku Hiva has a population of approx. 2,600 residents. It was made famous in about 2001 when “Survivor Marquesas” was filmed here.

Today, we are treated to a Regent-sponsored gala event of local culture, dance, food and hand-made crafts & wares.

Additional photos below
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Welcome to Nuku HivaWelcome to Nuku Hiva
Welcome to Nuku Hiva

We have arrived at our first port!
Nuku Hiva GreetingsNuku Hiva Greetings
Nuku Hiva Greetings

This lovely native lady welcomed us with a lei.
Our Ship in the BayOur Ship in the Bay
Our Ship in the Bay

Old stone carving with The Voyager in the background.

With the beautiful blue ocean and ship in the background.
Our MC Our MC
Our MC

Manny is our MC for the entertainment.
A Tiki CarverA Tiki Carver
A Tiki Carver

This native demonstrates how it's done.
Our Performers PrepareOur Performers Prepare
Our Performers Prepare

These dancers are getting ready.
Suckling Pig!Suckling Pig!
Suckling Pig!

They prepare to raise the pig out of the cooking pit.

Up he comes.
Where's the Apple?Where's the Apple?
Where's the Apple?

Thought they were all roasted with an apple in their mouth. He's cooked and ready to eat.
Changing LensesChanging Lenses
Changing Lenses

This looks serious! Got to change lenses for those close-ups. Photo provided by Phil.
Getting Into It!Getting Into It!
Getting Into It!

Our dancer prepares for his ritual dance.

This guy is real intense!
Hold That Pose!Hold That Pose!
Hold That Pose!

He's really good!
Three PerformThree Perform
Three Perform

They danced for quite a while.

28th January 2010

Did I ask you if they served the pig? It looked like it was smiling at me from the photo . . .
28th January 2010

Such Fun
Hi you two, We are so happy to share a little bit of your trip with you again this year. It's so exciting. We got the photos from the holiday party. Thanks so much. It was such a lovely evening. So, keep us abreast of all the happenings in your part of the world. I know you will have a good time.

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