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May 9th 2012
Published: July 11th 2012
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Octopus Resort.

Having been to such an amazing resort for 9 nights, it was hard to move on. We did however take some solace in the fact that our next resort, Octopus, was a sister resort of the Blue Lagoon and, as everyone who we had met that had been there said it was great, we felt better about having to leave one paradise for another.

Naturally, as soon as we got there, we were making comparisons about the two, and which one we preferred… however they were both so similar that the differences between the two were actually very small. For us, one of the things that was most different was the sea. Although both of them are amazing, we actually preferred the beach and sea of Blue Lagoon, however as Octopus had a pool, it didn’t really make much odds anyway!

Whilst here, we came across loads of other people that we had seen previously in Blue Lagoon and so instantly had people to chat to and to share dinner with. After a few days of being there, we were again accompanied by Sophie (Cath had flown home to England) and Nick who we had also met in Blue Lagoon, and between us had a great time. It seemed that every day we would get talking to someone else and share dinner with more cool people, (if you’re reading this, you know who you are!) however as most people island hopped, you would only havde their company for a day or two and they would be off! This however didn’t stop us from taking great advice from people or trying to help others who were on their way to places we had been.

After having done plenty of things at Blue Lagoon, Donna and I decided to do what we set out to do in the first place, and simply sit back, relax and enjoy the weather, which on a whole was pretty amazing. The one thing Sophie, Nick, Donna and I decided we would do was go to the local school and meet the kids. That proved to be a great call, and after the kids sung song after song to us they were soon eager to both get in photos as well as take them and once they were done with this, ride on tourists backs piggyback style! It was a trip well worth the effort of getting off our arse for a couple of hours!

Other than this, we really did little else apart from chill in the sun, have a laugh and relax. The one thing I will mention is that on the quiz night, we actually won! I have to mention this as Donna and I have never been part of a winning quiz team before (see blog of Christmas in Cuzco!) and so when we won a champagne breakfast for coming first and $100 bar-tab between us and another team, we were as happy as pigs in mud!!

The three weeks that we had spent in Fiji were amazing. As far as holidays go, we would never have been able to come here being so far away from home and for so long either, so we were blessed to have been able to experience this wonderful country. Considering we only stayed on 2 islands out of a possible 300 odd means we can’t talk about Fiji as a whole, but from what we did experience, we can say that the people, the landscape the food and the vibe of this place is phenomenal. On top of this, we really need to say Thanks to all the amazing people we met whilst in Fiji…you guys made our time here something we will never forget.

Vinaka Fiji…!

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