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June 19th 2015
Published: June 19th 2015
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After a detour to Kioa Island and a blustery time trying to reach Matui in the North of Taveuni, a day for packing in preparation for departure from Rewa, currently at anchor in Viani bay, Vanua Levu, enroute to Nadi to see Priya and Ian, from Taveuni. The great guys from Dolphin Bay Divers is swinging by to collect me by boat and cross the Somosomo Straits in the morning. A change of plan and I find myself heading home for a few days before driving to France for the summer - what a treat lies in store.

This morning Rewa crew headed off to trek the waterfalls I visited last year. Jack Fisher is a local guy who looks after visiting yachties and he stayed aboard for a couple of hours during which time we had 27 knot gusts. He left with the Blob beanbag I've had with me for the eight years of cruising - it's all part of letting go and paying it forward. Love that beanbag - definitely. Happy that it will be covered in giggling Fijian children at play - totally. Their home is spartan and he's such a helpful gentleman that it was a no brainer. A happy day.

On Taveuni is the dateline where you can step between yesterday and today! What is 180 degrees meridian? It's part of the worlds time keeping based on 24 hours of longitude. The 180 degrees is the place where to the west, a day ends at the same time as to the east, a new day is beginning. You can step back in time and someone could we couldn't yet defy time travel!

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