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April 25th 2007
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This was such an incridible trip its hard to know where to start.
Well on the 16th of Jan 07 me and my mate Bryce chartered a run down old fishing boat that was heading out around the Lau islands in Fiji. The boat was called the Tunatuki and was actually one of the roughest boats ive ever set foot on. We shared the voyage with aproximately 200 other Fijians, and we were the only europeans on it of which made the trip more unique.

The trip lasted four days stoping off at some of the most untouched gorgeous islands, going approximtely 2-3 knots max in rough seas.

On the first night of the trip i was lucky enough to end up sleeping outside as there was no room in the 2 rooms of which had around 70 people sleeping in them each. In some ways i thought i was lucky until i woke up to having a bucket of water thrown outside the door.... WELL at least at first i thought it was water until i realised it was urine and vomit. AWSOME i thought as this was on the 1st night and i had another three to go with out any showers nothing.

The food consisted of boiled sea water, noodles and banito. For breakfest we were blessed with tea and crackers.

The trip was very mind playing but at the ssame time it was awsome we hung out with all the locals talking to them and learning fijian etc.

EVENTUALLY we made it to Lakemba wich is the island we had planned to be living at for awhile. The island was incridible ive actually never seen anything like it. No power no shops bearly any roads, no working income NOTHING....

We were greated in to this little village of Wacewace (pronounced - wathe,wathe) and began by meeting the older members of the community with some traditional kava and a bit of smoke, then we ventured to a little hut were all the teens and young adults would hangout and drink home brew. First night on home brew ladies and gentle men, abit of advice be careful hahaha.

In the time of about 2 hours and i was so drunk i could bearly even walk, but hey what a good way to introduce yourself to a local community in Fiji.

We spent our time on the island learning to live like these indigenous locals. sparing fish, catching land crabs, working on fruit and vege crops and even throwing rocks at bats for a quick little feed, it was so amazing. We surfed some reef breaks that have never been touched by any one before, swum with turtles dolphins and sharks. Drunk kava, drunk homebrew. Had games of rugby and touch with a coconut. Tought the local children english. Swum through some intense reefs. Things that we could never do back at home.

The trip was one that i could talk about for ever. Unfortunately i lost my camera once i got back on to the main land before i was able to get all the photos off it, but i hope this helps abit.

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