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June 16th 2008
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hi everyone. Have had a really good few weeks. The end of new zealand was lots of fun, we got to explore some places that we only saw briefly on our way down the island and then we spent two evenings with some friends from Bristol who have moved out to Auckland for two nights, it was so nice to see familiar faces and be spoilt with real food and lovely company! We then went to the Cook Islands for a week, which was so so beautiful! I would reccomend any one who would like paradise for a week to go! We are now in santiago in chile, which i have really enjoyed a lot of people put a bad light on teh city but i think it feels like you are in madrid or italy, there is a buusy atmoisphere and lots of markets but it is so clean which i ws really surprised abvout, we got ripped of by the first taxi we got which was annoying but you have to expect it. We bumped into 2 girls we know from bristol, and have spent a lot of time with them. We are waiting in our hostel at the mometn it is 3 am and our taxi should be here soon for our 6 am flight to Lima peru where i will start the inka trail 2 days later!! Quite scared about the trek due to lack in excersie the last few months, but i'm sure i will survive and love it!! 24 days until i am home!!! lots of love xxxx

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