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January 17th 2009
Published: January 17th 2009
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14-1-9 wind, relentless wind. the windiest place on earth. these desert winds on a coastal oasis. and i'm working furiously, no notice of economic meltdown here. the well-heeled walk their dogs on green watered playing fields in swanbourne. norfolk pines and peppermint gums. i've rented a flat for a base amid the gathering clouds of mass unemployment and asset deflation. keep your head down. or is it rebound? get in quick for a killing? not a healthy world! 900 dead in gaza, almost three hundred children. were they jewish children the outcry would deafen. obama good luck. i've walked on water, been to the mountain, fasted in the desert, looked at death, and life. the imperative is 'keep going'. throw the ball for the dog with one of those plastic whip arms, put the shit in the bag and the bin. have a hot shower at the end of the day and love your family and friends. this is good.
15-1-9 as i sat in the shade beside the tee and fairway on the seaview golf course. another HOT day. a beautiful bee-eater caught my eye. yet i'd been to freo finding more of my old jobs hadn't been washed - Navy Club and 'printworks'. sharemarket meltdown yet little sense of pain here on the ground. did notice 'for sale' signs in two blocks on broome street.
16-1-9 friday. claremont hotel. hot day. hid in library. early in morning did two house jobs for days effort. here now day gone, week gone. becks and quiet with mercedes and audis passing claremont. bubble bursted, no problem. spoke to michael clifford on real estate decline of 25% at high end, 10% at low end (million dollar apartments). classic black porsche u-turn, sky clear blue. cheers!!!


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