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October 1st 2012
Published: October 10th 2012
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We were soo excited to be going across the famous Nullarbor especially mum. She kept going on about how iconic it is and how she use to have to map it as a kid and now she will be actually there. blar, blar blar. The weather was really good.

Our first stop was Frazer Range. It is a sheep station. It had really funny things on the way in like kettles and toasters plugged into trees. (Ha ha I get it). Dad thought it was a good idea to do the golf tour across (until he discovered the price). Plus we had absolutely noooooo moooore room for golf clubs. Instead of getting rid of stuff along the way, dad seems to be collecting (useless) stuff along the way. WE now have 3 extra mattresses for example. Dad made us go on a bush walk. It was actually quite good. We saw heaps of emus and baby chicks (don’t tell me I’m beginning to enjoy them). I want to have a farm like this one day.

The next morning we woke up and everyone was gone. These G.N’s (Grey Nomads), get up super early, only to arrive at the next stop at 2. We passed all of them. (eat our dust). The next stop was full of it. DUST!!! and NO RECEPTION!!!! but it was totally free which meant I could get a morning tea treat the next day. When we arrived it was packed. When we woke up it was totally deserted. Curses. Up until now the scenery was farm/ drought looking land.

Wow was all mum could say for most of the next day. We saw heaps of cliffs and jagged beaches. The colours of the cliffs and water were amazing. I REALLY wanted to stay at Euchella but no, no no, we had to move on. Eventually we stopped at Fowler’s Bay. It was really good. The caravan park was cool. Great park, fire pit and everyone went to the camp kitchen/fire every afternoon to chat. James and I hung out at the park. It was soooo lovely we decided to stay another night.

Fowler’s Bay is surrounded by sand dunes. Mum and I got up early and went on a secret mission. We got some bread (and a treat for me and hired a sand board). Dad went for a run and saw about 8 whales soooo close to him. He was so excited when he came home. IF we get time that day he is going to take us there.

WE went to check out Cactus Beach. We had heard so much about it. The drive there is really beautiful. You go over a cause way and on one side is a blue lake and the other is a pink one. The surf at Cactus that day was a bit ordinary. Dad and I banned mum from surfing cause at the jetty is a big sign about a little boy who was eaten by a shark a long time ago. He was swimming out to a fishing trawler. The people on the boat and on the shore saw it but could do nothing about it. Sad.

WE met a nice bloke called Chris there. He was about dad’s age. He lives sometimes in Noosa. He is semi retired (what ever that means). He told us about a nice lake and some good sand boarding hills to try.

After our sausages we tried it out. We had a great day. When we got back to camp guess who was there????? our friends from Big Valley Station. We had a great afternoon and night. The parents chatted by the fire while all us kids watched a movie and hung out in our caravan.

Tomorrow our Nullarbor section will be over. We will have to smuggle Fred over the boarder…. but we are getting use to it and it isn’t such a big deal anymore. Ceduna /South Australia here we come…



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10th October 2012

loving your blogs
HI Billy Loving your blogs. Sounds as though you are having a great time. we are enjoying the start of our summer here. We love having Daniel and James home. take care keep writing interesting stuff for us to read.

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