8 May 2012

Published: May 28th 2012
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We checked out of our room this morning and were not quite sure what to due with ourselves due to the uncertainty of the state of our van. It was out of our hands so we decided to enjoy a walk around Kalbarri and have a coffee just before lunch.

We then thought it was about time to check on the progress of the van so zipped around to the service centre and to our surprise and relief it was fully functioning and ready to go. The cost of the repairs was not what I was expecting; it was one of those bills that left you smiling as it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than we expected.

Monkey Mia was just over 400 kms away but given it was just after 2:00 we needed to hit the road and push through. We touched wood as the van ran smoothly to a roadhouse just on half way to our destination.

We turned off onto World Heritage Drive just before dusk on the final stretch of the journey. Easy to see where the road gets its name as the scenery was world class. Just ahead of us I noticed a big clump of something at the top of a tree and thought it was more than likely a bird's nest but given the fading light I couldn't be sure. As we drove past said tree we realised the 'clump' was in fact a large wedge tailed eagle; they are massive creatures.

Fortunately there was accommodation at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort but as it was after dark we could not really get a feel for the place. One important area we found after tea was a lovely outside deck right next to the bar where we enjoyed a refreshing brew under the palm trees.


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