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August 19th 2016
Published: August 19th 2016
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Wow, well we have done soooo much stuff since I last blogged I have got a lot to tell you. I will do it in 2 blogs so this is part 1 last day in Broome plus I added some photos of the Sun picture house.
So our last day in Broome we splashed out lots of money to do the seaplane horizontal falls tour. Basically we took a seaplane from Broome airport that flew low level up to Beagle Bay and then all across the Dampier peninsula up to the fixed jetty complex in a bay in Cyclone Creek.
We flew over many humpback whales and also took a low pass over the horizontal falls before landing on the water and docking at the base.
This base was a mixture of Thunderbirds Tracey island and a baddie lair from James Bond. There were shark pools and levels of bar and restaurant and helipads and seaplanes and jetboats everywhere. We had lunch then had to chance to go in the shark pool.
These are pools into which people can go with snorkel and mask and watch the wild sharks that come and go. The sharks in question were Tawny Nurse sharks but they also have bull sharks in the area.
Anyway I went in and had a look, their mouths were very interesting and they made odd noises as if they were breathing out.
After the shark viewing and feeding it was time for the jetboat cruise around the creeks and then some fast power rises through both the wide and narrow gaps that make up the falls.
I should explain these horizontal falls- basically this area of Australia has one of the biggest tides in the world and a series of inlets and creeks with disproportionate gaps creates an effect when the tide is running that empties more slowly than the next one fills it up. Do basically two areas of the sea are at 2 different heights and strange effects like a waterfall and whirlpools are seen. Hopefully o have explained that well enough.
Anyway the jet boat was massive fun and we played with the surge and the surf edges in the falls.
We finally climbed back in the seaplane and taking off on water was even more fun than landing. We flew back over the Dampier area but at greater altitude so we could see more of the nature of the land, very beautiful.

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