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December 30th 2007
Published: December 30th 2007
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Yes, I'm still here, but unfortunately Travelblog is giving me grief every time I try to upload photos, so I put some on Flickr instead - if you try

I think you might find them, but it may just be a temporary website address so best of luck! I will keep trying to put all of my trip photos on there, especially the ones that never made it onto the Travelblog pages.

So, what's new in Warrnambool I hear you all clamouring to ask? Well, today it's bloody hot (42C), but that's no surprise to anyone. It's a Total Fire Ban Day, so there'll be a lot of upset people wanting to have a BBQ to celebrate NYE, but I guess they'll have to eat salad instead (long live the vegetarians!). Other than that - reading a lot, tooling around with the kiddies, finished planting out a perennial and shade bed (very exciting) using the plants I bought at the kids' school fete a few months back.

Have finished all of the paperwork and forms for the two year Canadian visa, now will have to sit back and wait for 4-6 weeks to see if I'm still a solid citizen (I even got myself fingerprinted this time!). Going camping/caravan/cabin holidaying in a fortnight (two weeks for the canadian viewers) for a few days to catch up with everyone. That's pretty much it for now.

Looking forward (hesitantly) to re-entering a canadian winter, even if it will be about 60C cooler than I am right now. Taking ideas for where to go on my first holiday at the end of the growing season next year too. Madagascar? Turkey? Russia? More South America? email your answers to Ciao!


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