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January 15th 2007
Published: February 7th 2007
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Ok im pissed while typing this so stick with me!

its 6am and ive just got of that fecking ferry, i manage to get a cab, show him a map of where im going, carlise street.
so the dickhead heads of in completley the wrong direction, im basicaly showing him where to go. God bless london cabbies!
eventualy i get to my hostel, im checking in but having a shit nmigts sleep i feel like im gonna be a "flashpacker"and get a nice little double for myself. Only trouble is i cant get in there til 10.30 and its now 6.30.
so i wandered around the reception for a bit (no shops open) the decided to phone me mam. Not sue wether she liked it or not but she stuill gave the water works when it came to saying good bye......get a grip mum!
after that i had another 3 hours to kill so i [ploted in the internet cafe thats in the hostel and began replying to emails and.......stuff.
it was then that all the clubbers started pyling thru the doors and i made me first mate.
they was off there face on pills and was actually quite scared. even tho he as a local lad he was staying in the hostel with his bro (apparently its easy to pull birds when you stay in a hostel.....) and they both invited me out for the night. But they was off there faces so i didnt ecpect them to recognise me 12 hours later.
after doing as much porn.....i mean research as.... as i could i deciede to venture out (sorry for the speeling i just cant be arsed) and sat in a cafe drinking tea til 10.30, after that i headed back to the hostel but was told, i couldnt get in til 2 now!!! WANKERS!
So i decided to head into town and catched the 96 tram into the city (really liked travelling on those babies!)
The place just reminded me of london and was exactly the place i was trying to get away from, but it served me well and i finaly managed to get into my room and get some kip, ready for the session ahead.

after a shower and alot off fannying about shiting me pants i decide to hit the packed hostel bar.
So i stroll down "play it coo dazza, play it cool" all john travolta style and perch meself on the end of the bar. within seconds ive managed to clean off a tray of glasses that was sitting there. What an entrance!! the whole bar knew me from then on.

within five minutes i was talking to people, then the two fellas from the morning recognised me and invited me out for there last night on the town. Free booze, and free entry to clubs was the order for the night. i thinkk in total i spent 10 dollars.

The rest of the weekk was basicaly the same, i was only supposed to be there for four days, but on the wednesday i met another Londoner called James who had just met up with his misses after 3 months. We got on like a house on fire and 6 Jagermietster Bombs later i woke up on the Sofa to the missed me bus!........oh well Rock and Roll baby!

i managed to check meself in for another night, but after ringing the bus company. i was told i couldnt get north til the following week.
So i decided to stay til saturday and get a flight to sydney.
The rest of the week was basicaly spent on the beach in the day then having it large at night. The only toursit thing i managed to do was the MCG, the place is amazing, but i took a lot of stick from beeing the only "pom" in the tour group.

Next Stop Sydney.............

"Just living the dream"


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