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February 20th 2008
Published: February 27th 2008
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Not many Melbournians would jump into the Yarra River! But that's what Englishman, James Everson-Crane is planning to do on behalf of Lifestart Foundation! He will leap from a platform at midday on March 9th as part of Melbourne's famous Moomba Festival! Always optimistic, James plans to soar high above the crowds wearing nothing but a flowing, white gown and a big Vietnamese hat!

Last year James and his family were visiting Melbourne during Moomba and happened to watch the Birdman competition. James was eager to comment on all the entries and certain that he could fly further! Without much thought, he promised his family that if they ever found themselves in Melbourne again during March, he would enter the competiton!

And here we are! March is approaching, James and his family are in Melbourne and there's no excuse but to take to the air!
James costume has been carefully designed by his seven year old son, Samuel, who is taking great pride in overseeing the project and looking forward to the health and safety briefing!

James & Sam had some rather elaborate technical ideas for flying machines, but after much consideration they have decided to opt
The Everson-Cranes at last years Moomba FestivalThe Everson-Cranes at last years Moomba FestivalThe Everson-Cranes at last years Moomba Festival

They are holding James to his promise to enter the Birdman competition on March 9th
for a Vietnamese theme with an eye-catching costume (& extended wings!). All entries must be sponsored. Consequently James will be wearing flowing white robes ( something like and Au Dai ) and a pointed Vietnamese hat when he leaps from the platform!

James has already been approached by reporters from the Age newspaper to talk about his jump and the competition is televised in Australia.

James is trying to raise sponsorship and awareness for Lifestart Foundation, having seen first hand in Vietnam how we are transforming so many lives.

If you wish to sponsor him, please make a donation on line at:

Lifestart Foundation sponsors and supporters come from many parts of the world and their desire to help Lifestart Foundation comes in a variety of ways. However, I think James takes the award for the most creative way to support Lifestart Foundation.

If you find yourself in Melbourne at 12.00pm on March the 9th. please come along to the Moomba festivities and support James.

Stay tuned for the update on his jump!

Lots of Love from Karen.

If you would like to send James a message, words of
encouragement or tips on how to fly please send your message to him via the "public comment " section on this blog.


27th February 2008

Great work James !
Thank you on the behalf of Vietnamese in Melbourne. regards/Hien
28th February 2008

Thanks for the hot tips!
Hi Maire....thanks for the tips. I have just shaved my complete body..although the bits of tissue on the cuts all over look weird at the moment..the sacrifice is worth it! I'm now ready to fly smoothly through the skies of Melbourne. I have perfected the takeoff ....and will work on the landing! Bottom Burp power breaks the Birdman rules, even though wind assisted! I feel like one of the Wright Brothers ready for their first feels great. My flying craft is now complete and has been tested at the Universities wind tunnel...after a few adjustments, it is as streamline as an arrow.I am ready for take off!!!..10,9,8,..prepare for lift off.......7,6,5,4,3...2.....1.....see you on March 9th flying gracefully over the River Yarra..Melbourne.....wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
29th February 2008

Will shaving hair help fly further
Hi James, Congratulations for flying the birdman for two causes: Cause 1: to fly like a bird; cause 2: to raise fund to help the respectable needy Vietnamese in Hoi An. How human hair help or hinder you in your quest? Since flying speed is only part of your birdman quest, the other achievement is the distance and the time you stay in the air. I reckon hair helps you stay in the air longer because it increases your volume. Do object swim/fly/glide faster when covered by their own skin? Sharks know a layer of evenly rough layer, like sand paper, on their skin helps create a non turbulent zone and therefore they can glide through water faster. The outer layer of water just glides on the smooth inner layer of water that is trapped. Best wishes, James and thank you for helping. I will send you my pocket money of the coming month. Tam

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