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March 31st 2010
Published: April 19th 2010
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Day 340 - Bridge Creek

Hip Hip Hooray, look who’s twelve today! Happy Birthday Zoe Reeves!

The birthday girl was on fine form this morning and thoroughly enjoyed her main present of a net ball hoop and stand. She’s so tall she can almost pop the ball in without even having to get on tip toes!

Beth however is finding there’s fun to be had in the box the hoop and stand came in! Before long she’s popped herself inside so Ken & Zoe can sticky tape it back together but then they carry her outside telling us all to ‘hang on, they’re just putting the rubbish out’!! It’s a good job the dustbin lorry isn’t coming til tomorrow. Every now and then a finger pokes out from a tiny hole in the top of the box and Beth reassures the rest of us that she’s just fine and having lots of fun trying to work out how to get herself out into the fresh air! We laughed ourselves silly for much of the ‘struggle’ but she got a huge round of applause when she finally managed it only to declare that she wanted to be taped up again!

It’s just another one of those mornings that has us in fits of giggles for the most ridiculous reasons. Zoe having her first taste of Marmite was eventful but it was Simone wielding the brush and being told ‘Ah, ah, ah’ by Mark when he thought she was just going to brush the rubbish into the laundry room and leave it to pick up later! You probably had to be there but it was very, very funny!

I’ve got a hair appointment this morning so headed into town with Simone and the kids. Mark went to work at the pub and Darryl set about cleaning the car. Marcie did a great job and even managed to save most of the length although about two inches did have to go because of split ends and sun bleach! Darryl somehow worked out which salon I needed to be collected from, I didn’t tell him and neither did anyone else but from the 4 different hairdressers in Mansfield he managed to park outside the right one to collect me in the very sparkly, clean car! He’s good isn’t he!

Zoe’s birthday party proper is happening after the school holidays are over because most of her friends are away at the moment. As an interim though she’s got a friend staying over tonight and we’re having a bit of a dinner party with a couple of young neighbours that have been in the Reeves lives for almost 20 years, infact they’ve watched the Reeves kids growing up. Claire and Jack Scott are just beautiful young people, we’ve heard so much about them actually meeting them was a real treat.

The celebrations start with several challenges of badminton (which Mr Howells & I managed to win!) but that quickly progressed to a mass game of volley ball - girls versus boys! Simone, myself, Zoe, her friend, plus fire ball Claire who is very good at volleyball and the tree (!) - are all on the girls team! The boys team consists of Jeff, Mark, Jake, Jack & Ken. It’s a tough fought battle which Beth does a fabulous job of refereeing. The boys just manage to scrape the win (grrrrrrr) but the most important thing was that we had the best fun!

The birthday dinner was a magnificent feast which everyone thoroughly enjoyed - good on you Zoe for turning twelve today.

And tomorrow we get to do it all again ……I wonder who that could be for!

Dar and Sar

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Happy Birthday Zoe!Happy Birthday Zoe!
Happy Birthday Zoe!

Jack, Beth, Simone, Claire, Jake, Ken, Mark, Jeff, Darryl, Sarah, Charlie (I think) and birthday girl Zoe right up front!

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