The call of the wild

Published: March 25th 2015
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It is almost - or exactly, depending on which time zone you're in - two years to the day (which we've baptised, with much originality, "Tasmania Day") since Alex and I moved to his verdant, thrilling jewel of an island perched on the edge of the Southern Ocean. As always, a celebration calls for...a bushwalk with friends! This time we ventured to Southwest National Park to explore the beautiful Eliza Plateau near Mount Anne, which I visited as part of the famous Mount Anne Circuit in December 2013, an area famed for - in no particular order - its stunning views and atrocious weather which are, of course, mutually exclusive. Luck was, once again (it's going to run out soon, I know...), on our side and after a distinctly unpromising start the sun came out and gave us some of the Tasmanian wilderness's most stunning vistas, all the way to the famously forbidding Western Arthurs range, and even Federation Peak.

As ever, a happy combination of good weather, splendid views, invigorating hiking, excellent company - and a flask full of red wine for the chilly evening! - made for yet another superb weekend in the wilds of Tassie. Here's to a third year even better than the last two!

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26th March 2015

Happy anniversary...
glad that living in Tasmania has worked out for you!
26th March 2015
A cloud-filled Lake Pedder in the morning

Happy Tassies
Great adventures and fine Photos, as usual! I'll be heading out again to our back country here in Peru as soon as my two broken arms heal (pushed over a cliff by a rude cow).

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