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July 17th 2009
Published: July 18th 2009
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Town of the murals.
So I was back in Launceston and I still hadn't been to Cradle Mountain. So I booked a tour. I got picked up and it was just the tour guide and I! Still, it was a very comfortable drive in a Galaxy, nice change from mini-buses! It was about 3 hours away, we stopped once at Sheffield - the town of the murals, we murals everywhere! Every year they have a mural painting competition. Apparently there are a lot of 'town of . . ' in Tasmania. The tour guide showed me a town that was trying to become the town of tapeiry. I thought this was animal! It is actually shrubs cut into different shapes. There were a few in the town but most were still starting growing. It would be nice to see in a couple of years when they have all grown.

Cradle Mountain was freezing! We got to the place where most do their walk, Dove Lake. I walked all the way round Dove Lake, it took about 2 hours. It was a lovely, if freezing and windy walk. One of the pictures I have put up shows how windy it was! It had been snowing there at the weekend so there were remains of snow which was lovely to see. The mountain you can see in my pictures, you can see the cradle, though you could sometimes only see one of the peaks because of the mist. Some places in the walk were a little flooded, there was water running down the path like it was a stream! I did another couple of small walks including the lovely named Enchanted Walk. I also went to Weindorfer's lodge, who, together with his wife first found the area in the early 1900's and encouraged people to visit. Cradle Mountain was a lovely place, i'm glad I went.

On the way back we stopped at a cheese factory. I tried a few, but I actually bought some fudge. I'm not the biggest fan of cheese despite working in a deli!

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Cradle MountainCradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain

The cradle of the mountain is covered in mist!

20th July 2009

Wow! It was windy! Good cows. Haha. Also, yay for Mt Roland's :D
22nd July 2009

Hi Amy it looks a lot like Wales! I'm glad to see they have named a mountain after me! Will give you a ring soon. Dad xxx

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