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February 26th 2015
Published: February 26th 2015
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Hi there, ok, having problems putting photos on, feel like I'm chasing my tail with this wi-fi malarky!!

When we went to visit the Bicheno Blowhole which was pretty amazing to watch, Stu decided to jump between the large rocks and fell, he really did hurt himself, did the limping bit for a while, big graze on his leg and his arm was painful. Still he survived, he was jumping on wet rocks, whereas we picked the dry rocks !! Earlier in the day, Stu, Sue and myself were walking to the shop in Bicheno to get some food shopping and Stu started saying to Sue 'move away', we didn't know what he was talking about as usual, he had stopped dead in his tracks, when I noticed a revolting orange spider crawling up Sue's leg going 10 to the dozen towards her waist !! Sue spotted this disgusting thing on her and proceeded to swear and scream. (Quite understandably), Stu meanwhile is still saying 'move away' (like she could !! NOT), I then shouted 'SHUT UP' and pulled her bag off her shoulder and gave an almighty whack at Orange spider and it fell to the ground. Poor Sue was in shock, I looked at Stu, he was still muttering 'move away'. (Me and Sue both said, what's he talking about !!). When we got back to the cabin, we looked it up and it was a Badge Huntsman, not dangerous. (Google it) Phew !!

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26th February 2015

Poor Stu. Sure he will get over it. I would ask you why he just didn't wallop the spider? No help what so ever then really!!!! Why do they have such awful spiders. Makes me shudder thinking about it! Keep enjoying. Take care. X

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