Still touring Murray Bridge

Published: May 10th 2013
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After a very warm night we set of to explore the local area.

We rode straight up to Mannum along some beautiful roads right along the river. The scenery looked incredibly dry but the fields irrigated with Murray water looked green and lush. Its been a real surprise to us on this trip to see how far the water is pumped from the river to supply water to communities. Often we will be riding along a road and there would be a pipe 1 metre in diameter following the road or cutting across the land in the distance, simply incredible.

We had a good look at the tourist info/museum at Mannum, well worth the time spent there.

Walkers Flat was our next stop. A quaint little village and not a banjo in sight, but I did hear some. Along the way there was ample opportunity to stop for some great photo opportunities

We thought we had left the bushfires back in Victoria in February, but with this very hot spell and of course the winds, there is an out of control scrub fire a bit of a distance away from us. Hopefully, the weather change with rain, predicted for tomorrow will ease the situation.(we can cope with a bit of rain 😞

As per arrangements made yesterday, we rode in to Bridgeland Motorcycles to fix Heid's leak from her oil filler pipe. The part, ordered last week arrived from Adelaide and the Honda tools at the dealership, didn't complain about being used to work on a superior machine. Henry needed his gear lever slightly adjusted as it was hitting the mounting bolt and making shifting up challenging.(a very old injury, from a doze on the road) The $30 was not only the cheapest we have spent on the bikes , but, the quickest.

Every town has "the biggest" somthing, Murray Bridge doesn't, but, it does have The Bunyip.... Something you must see whilst here.


10th May 2013

Back to your best.
It's good to hear you had such a good day. Sounds like riders and bikes are back to their best condition. If you get far enough west at a later date you should check out the history of the water pipeline from Perth to Kalgoorlie. Made for a different reason to the ones you are seeing, but amazing none the less. Would never have happened but for the gold and still supplies water today. I am hearing so many little town names from your travels, I have started to look them up, some are amazing. We did Thursday Island today. Great history but a little third world. We bumped the local TI copper at the cape york tip yesterday and he had some tales to tell. Wild West stuff. Just a young bloke and his (also copper) wife. They love the place but say the work can be a labour sometimes. Keep travelling safe.

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