Day 5 port Elliot

Published: July 1st 2016
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Well if you are hoping for lyrical description of this gorgeous part of South Australia and a captivating description of wildlife I am afraid this correspondent is going to be a disappointment. I have no idea what Port Elliot is like whatsoever!
I woke early and did laundry which sounds trivial until you factor in unpacking half the car looking for detergent.
Then I got cracking with my stinky swag, set up a decontamination zone and went to work. More than 2 hours later it seemed clean so was hung up to dry. I used a gentle soap with tea tree oil hoping for some improvement in the smell. Brian joined in to help and boss me around but I enjoyed the distraction.
I can report that it no longer smells like a camels arse but does still smell of wet dog A LOT! Progress I suppose.
We also have a new wall for the shelter but this took 3.5 hours of driving during which I complained about fuel smells and a leaky Jerry can was declared by Mr Dorban. We just don't seem to get a break.
Kangaroo island is now off due to ferry backlog and us not having the camping gear ready in time.
I'm disappointed but many great things are ahead if we can just stop messing about and enjoy the moment.
Tomorrow we move on and hopefully get some febreze.
In the meantime I am in a bed wearing clean pyjamas so not all bad news but probably not what you were expecting


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