Secrets of South Australia

Published: December 8th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

After spending a fortnight in 40 plus degs in outback SA, we were relieved to revisit the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula and spend a week with Jane and Steve. Most days were a lot cooler with the exception of one. Steve, who had just left Aberdeen at the beginning of a Scottish winter, was welcomed into Adelaide with its highest ever recorded temperature (43 deg)! Needless to say he found it a littl... Read Full Entry

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Woody at Great Australian Bight!Woody at Great Australian Bight!
Woody at Great Australian Bight!

Bored with the long Nullarbor drive!

11th December 2009

Cooooool dog........!
Hi, Richard, Hayley and Woody The photo of Mohammad Ali Woody is a knockout! Even the towel very nearly has ALI on it! The way the Woodster adapted to the cool towel shows what an intelligent animal he is. A star! I had wondered how he would be coping with the heat. Did not realise Adelaide recently had new record temperatures. The best thing I remember about the heat there was that the night temperatures always seemed a lot cooler comparatively to elsewhere. I remember seeing lots of pelicans too! The sea lion swim was a 'must do' Louise and I would have found it difficult to resist the tuna swim as well. I did a seal swim off Kaikoura, the only seal I saw was in the car park! So amazed about that, we returned the next day and there was a different seal in the car park! You don't see that in South Shields! I did read since that orca like the odd seal as a snack and can mistake humans in black wet suits for seals. Haven't tried it again! Apparently you should wear bright multi coloured wet suits, but then do sharks, orca etc have colour sight? About 35 years ago when they were still whaling in the Bight there was a documentary doing the rounds of slaughtered whale carcasses at anchor off Albany awaiting dragging ashore for processing. The local sharks would bite off chunks and the programme made an issue over how big and ferocious they were. Therefore you are very brave. Seems that Bella and Bruce's home must be the SA equivalent of Chatton. Val sounds so much like Lisa, another wonderful person. You definitely have a talent for making animals relax and pose for you Hayley. The beaches are our sort of beach, pretty, peaceful and the sight of a happy dog enjoying himself (no doubt) what more could anybody want. WA was always my preference, I preferred the heat there, always seemed less humid and therefore more comfortable, hope it is for you three. The moral of this blog Hayley and Richard is, DO NOT skip over anything, leave NO stone unturned, it is a unique, wonderful country (away from the cities) full of surprises, go for it! You have a life time to enjoy the memories and we have the next blog to look forward to, can't wait! Keep them coming! First frost last night, day time temperature 2 deg C. Comfort is somewhere in the the middle of here and SA! Hoping Bella brings you both the very best of health and happiness for Xmas and the New Year. Lots of love Roy and Linda xxx

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