Adelaide to Melbourne

Published: June 15th 2009
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Drove from Adelaide to Melbourne along the great ocean road. What better way to see it than in a campervan! 1000km later we got to Melbourne and even got to meet a few of the neighbours.

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found a chocolate shop. Liked the city immediately.
Our campervan.Our campervan.
Our campervan.

what a beauty.
Road hazard!Road hazard!
Road hazard!

We didn't hit any. Thankfully.
The 12 Apostles.The 12 Apostles.
The 12 Apostles.

I could only count 4 though. The others must have sunk.
dinner in the van.dinner in the van.
dinner in the van.

a bit tight for space!
bed time in the van.bed time in the van.
bed time in the van.

We probably should have done this in summer time as it was minus 400 degrees at night. Had 4 blankets on over our sleeping bags at one stage. brrrrrrrrr. Thought Australia was supposed to be warm.
We made it to Melbourne.We made it to Melbourne.
We made it to Melbourne.

they have trams here. groovy.
Look who we met in melbourne!Look who we met in melbourne!
Look who we met in melbourne!

the one and only Dr. Karl Kennedy from neighbours!
What a guy.What a guy.
What a guy.

he can perform medical miracles and sing too! And he looks just like gareth's dad!
Went to grease monkeys.Went to grease monkeys.
Went to grease monkeys.

Met Stingray - although he died in the show ages ago!
Ramsay Street.........Ramsay Street.........
Ramsay Street.........

was only a footstep away..........

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