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March 8th 2009
Published: March 8th 2009
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Ahh, the wonders of technology. I am sitting next to my housemate Tom who is video calling with his sisters in London. He has given them a tour of the flat and they are drunkenly giggling over the laptop. Anyway, I am fine, uni is fine. I feel a bit out of my depth but its only been 2 weeks so . Am looking for a job and generally having a giggle with Adrian & Tom which is great. I expect our paths will diverge when Tom gets paid as him and Adrian will be able to reap the rewards of their hard earned money. Talks abound of trips to Airlie Beach and festivals. Godd on them I say. We might go out in Adrians tinnie (little boat) but there has been cyclone warnings all weekend so we need to check the weather reports first. They interrupt programmes every 2 hours to let you know where it is which is useful. I should have been getting my boat licence today but I made the schoolboy error of turning the alarm off while I was in bed and after only a few hours sleep. I'll do it another time. It does mean Adrian can't make me drive them back from Magnetic Island after they have been to the pub!

Here are some more pics of the house and the international gaggle of postgrads I went out with last week. In that pic there is 2 Dutch, a Norwegian, another English girl and I have no idea about the bloke at the back. The 2 modules I am studying now are shared with 3rd year undergrads so I meet some Aussies there who can give useful tips on the ins and outs of JCU. There is also a Zimbabwean, some Canadians & Americans, pretty much half the world is represented such is the draw of marine biology at JCU.

Right, I need some food before I properly start my day. We have got quite keen on Sunday sessions in the bar downstairs but are working on the 'start early, finish early' philosophy as I have a full day at uni on Monday. Tomorrow morning I am spending 3 hours looking down a microscope at phytoplankton. Hurrah!

Nik x

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