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July 2nd 2014
Published: July 3rd 2014
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This was the one highlight of the day, which went steadily down from that.
Today is my birthday but I’m not expecting much of a day as we’re moving on to Brisbane for the ute service. I had a message and brief phone call from Brent wishing me “Happy Birthday”, which was nice and one from Jeanette. Barry has said we’ll have a special dinner in Brisbane maybe on Thursday.

We tried ringing Aunt Connie again but still no reply. We decided we’d drop in this afternoon. First we had to drive to Springwood, just outside the city, where we were staying at the Springtime Gardens Caravan Park. The drive was uneventful and we arrived just after midday. We were shown to an ugly spot that looks like a car park, right next to a big factory with the heater/aircon going all day long. At least it was flat and had provision for the dump hoses to be connected under the van to the sewerage pipes so we won’t need to go and find a dump point. The site was clean but functional and seemed to have mainly permanent residents staying there.

We set up and had lunch then headed into Brisbane, the suburb of Pinkinbah, to see Connie. There was no-one in
Decorated Sound Barriers along the HighwayDecorated Sound Barriers along the HighwayDecorated Sound Barriers along the Highway

This one is in Queensland and is quite pretty but the ones in NSW, near Kingscliff, were even better, full of bright coloured birds, trees, animals and scenery. I didn't manage to get a shot though.
but we could see children’s clothing on the washing line and a window was open. We knocked on a neighbour’s door to see if they could tell us anything, only to be met with the news that she had passed away several months ago. Barry was not happy that her son hadn’t told himself and his brother.

Feeling sad and disappointed, we decided to find out exactly where the Nissan Service Centre was for tomorrow. On the way, I told Barry that I would like a different birthday present this year. I would really like to go on a Whale Watching Cruise from Hervey Bay and I knew it was expensive so I would prefer it to a fancy (and equally expensive) dinner. We keep seeing glimpses of the whales and it would be marvellous to see them up close. He agreed.

I had developed a really bad headache by then and wasn’t in the mood for cooking so we found a Tavern in the Springwood shopping centre where they had Senior’s meals. I treated us to them but they were not very nice, unfortunately. Just one more negative on my awful birthday! Let’s hope the Whale –watching

Our caravan site feels like a car park and we're next to a factory with the air conditioner going all day.
makes up for it!

Barry had developed a toothache, which bothered him while we were eating. Then we had the one good thing for the day, because right next to the supermarket was a dentist – and it was open! Barry went in and they had an appointment available for tomorrow at 3pm which was long enough for a check and the treatment. He took it, of course.


5th July 2014

So sorry to hear it was such a rubbish day! What do you mean by they had 'seniors meals'? And it feels very weird to consider you as senoirs!
6th July 2014

Seniors Are Us
Seniors in Australia are people who are over 60 years old and work less than 35 hours a week. Dad is now an Aged Pensioner, too! He's ancient. He says he's 65 years young.
6th July 2014

Seniors Meals
Oops. Having a Senior moment. Forget to add that some places offer discounts to Seniors, including some pub meals. Others only discount to Pensioners so I wouldn't qualify.

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