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June 2nd 2012
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Well yesterday, we travelled to a lovely place called Rainbow Beach. It was only a couple of hours on the bus so not too bad, managed to see some of the lovely scenery that this amazing part of the world has to offer. Weather was pretty good too, so I managed to take a few nice snaps.. this computer in Peterpan's has no port for SD cards so will post them up as soon as I get a half decent computer. Mike's laptop broke a couple of days ago- no reason why, probably just because its had its life- bit funny that he had downloaded so many movies on his hard drive for this trip and now can't watch them! If we didn't laugh, we would cry! haha..

So anyway, we arrived in "Dingo's backpackers" and already it seems alot better than the last one! All staff are lovely and we check in to our room- 5 Welsh girls and myself and Mike. Needless to say he doesn't know ehere to look and keeps running out the door when they're getting changed, getting a bit flustered. Typical Mike, any other guy just sit there and take it all in! haha.

So we went for dinner with some of the crew that we met in the last hostel (also WELSH ACTUALLY) and had buirito's which were half decent and I can be pretty fussy when it comes to food. We see so many people cooking and rationing their food.. oh thankgod it hasnt come to that yet, i dont think i could use someone elses pots and pans to cook my beans on toast!

Went back to the room and got organised for the next day (today-Sat) as we are off to Tin Can Bay to see the dolphins and hopefully feed them too!! I am really excited about this! Only bad thing is the early 6am start! Unfortunately we can't ask them to wait as I'd love to, haha!

So up we got this morning (us and the whole dorm as we were all heading on this tour) and set off, with yummy pancakes in our bellies, the weather was awful, breezy, cold and sure to rain within the next hour. We were picked up by bus and bought to the port, where we went on a 20 minute ferry journey over to where they come in. Freezing cold, we took off the Tongs and braved the ice cold water, goose pimpled from head to toe!

Eventually "patch" made an appearance, she was a 12 year old dolphin, gorgeous and very friendly. She kept coming in and then going back out as if playing a game with us.. We were hoping the other 6 dolphins would come out to see us, but they never did. Perhaps, they were sensible and stayed sleeping or else it was just the weather, for about half an hour after arriveing it poured from the heavens! Some people got to feed her but not many and I didn't. I was a little disappointed, but atleast I actually had the experience of being literally centimetres from a dolphin! Amazing experience, such beautiful little creatures!

So it's a pretty mucky day, but on the upside a rainbow appeared so its all good.

Going into the town for some food now and we have our briefing about Fraser Island at 4.30pm today! It just goes through health and safety. We are super excited about our 3 day adventure out there, which starts at 6.30 am tomorrow! Another early start! We are all in teams and will drive 4x4 jeeps out there from here. Then we will be put in to groups and this determines where we will sleep-on the beach, in camps or hostel. I bet we will draw the short straw and end up in a tent on the beach!! I would love this ordinarily- once in a lifetime experience camping beneath the starts. But this adventure comes with resident dingo's, who rummage through your stuff and can be aggressive. So i better sleep well tonight, as I have a feeling I wont be getting much zz until I come back on Tuesday! Still- its an experience and that's what I came here for! Hopefully the weather picks up. So I will be unable to update this until Tue, but I will be taking my diary with me- hopefully it doesn't get eaten!ha.

Until Tuesday, bye!! xxx


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