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April 30th 2013
Published: April 30th 2013
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Me and James are currently residing in Julia Creek, we have been here about 4 months. This is least 1 month longer than we anticipated. When we first arrived we looked very briefly for some station work but before we could find anything James landed a job at the local electrician's. So I set about finding some work for myself, within a week I had 3 jobs, not bad especially considering the size of the town. The first week I was looking after a six year old boy, you should know I am not great with children but it didn't seem to go too badly, that is until the end of the week. We go to the park for approximately 45 minutes; I spin him on a roundabout type thing. The typical response from the boy is "faster faster" to which I oblige. I then take him back to his mum; he is looking a little pale. He is later quoted saying "I feel like I had my soul torn out". OH DEAR. Oddly enough I am asked to baby sit again for a 2 year old on a property. I am informed on the 3rd day that I have been putting her nappy on backwards. OH DEAR.

Anyhoo I eventually start my real jobs. The first is in a newsagents which is a nice peaceful job, the 2nd doing some house cleaning, the third working in the local old man pub. The pub is called Gannon's, bearing in mind my bar experience is limited and recent this at first was quite a shock to the system. The customers are 95% male and always sit around the bar, they drink the same drink every time they come in and I am expected to know what they are drinking. After the first drink they also generally do not expect to ask again. I have to watch and an empty glass immediately means a refill. I mean drinking is a serious hobby for these guys practiced daily. I also get to meet some interesting people as a lot of people stay there who are passing through town. Some of the locals are nice, some are less nice. There are a few leery men with awful small town views which I am not going to start to repeat on here.

The town is small but it is a sweet little community and the people are friendly. Unfortunately there is very little to do and you are a long way from anywhere with anything to do. The nearest cinema is 3.5 hours away. It is very hot so you spend most of your time in doors. James has been working outdoors and has the most ridiculous tan line and his arms look like they have been varnished. He has been working away for pretty much the whole time we have been here which is sad but the money we are making is great.

We are staying with Cat and Chris who have been very hospitable, charging us a pittance to stay with them and accommodating us for a very long time. They have 2 Chihuahua’s called Ami and Jay and they are the best dogs every. I always thought they were prissy little handbag dogs, I could not be more wrong. I am totally brooding for one or two!

Me and James went fishing the other day which was unfortunately unsuccessful but it's the first time I have been fishing in over a decade so it was fun all the same. The dirt and dust festival has been on whilst we have been here which attracts over 3000 people, there is a triathlon (which I took part in as the runner in Team GB), horse racing, bull ride and concert. It was a real introduction into the country lifestyle and a very enjoyable weekend.

We are coming to the end of our time in Julia Creek and it has been a really interesting insight into outback Australia. The people are lovely, some dress like real cowboys, it's hot and there is not a lot to do. It's easy to save your money, very easy especially if you resist the urge to drink (which trust me is difficult). We have decided to wave goodbye to Australia at least for now. We are taking our hard earned money and jetting off to Asia at the end of June. Australia is a great place to live but an impossible place to travel so we are going where we can get more for our money. After all, we came away to travel not to work.

Highlights: Soul stealing, James punching a Canadian who was strangling him, country dancing, Chihuahua’s, quality time with Cat, triathlon, baking heat.


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