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June 25th 2011
Published: June 28th 2011
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At the end of May Murray and Dave finished their list of jobs and were ready for a well earned break. The water tower was raised successfully with a large audience which Murray could have done without. I think everyone just stopped working to watch!
We took four days holiday at Gregory River and Lawn Hill National Park which is a very pretty place. As we are endeavouring to try new things Murray tried out his new fishing rod and caught sprats in the Gregory river. According to the experts it is too cold at the moment for barramundi. Dave had his first paddle in a canoe up the spectacular Gorge even negotiating small rapids. On the way we photographed tiny bright blue fish, blue butterflies and a fresh water crocodile. We returned to Mt. Isa in time for Kathy and I to fly to NZ for a fortnight. After our family catch up we crossed our fingers and hoped the volcanic ash wouldn’t disrupt our AirNZ flights. Luckily, our itinerary wasn’t affected and Murray met us at Mt.Isa. The following day we drove to Martin And Danielles other station where Dave and Murray had already stated work.
Kathy and I had a relaxing few days while Murray and Dave were their usual hardworking selves. Dave has mustered; worked in the round house at the yard sorting calves and cattle for branding; serviced many vehicles and worked with Murray putting new troughs in plus a couple of days fencing.
I drove out with Murray while he installed a solar power panel used to pump the water to the new troughs. With this new technology I think windmills will eventually be obsolete. Murray also assembled a pump then put it in the turkey’s nest.
Meanwhile, back at the station, Kathy and I read books, browsed the net (we would be lost without our computers!) cooked, did a little bit of house work, and let Allan, the caretaker help us with our crosswords.
I was also supposed to help Blake do some school of the air assignments and extra reading between his very busy work schedule of mustering and yard work. On Friday, I couldn’t find him at 9am so I walked over to the yard. He hadn’t been near that hard work so I trudged back to the house to find him curled up really small in his Dad’s bed!! Time for him to go to boarding school I think!


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