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November 29th 2015
Published: November 29th 2015
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Hi everyone

The caravan is rolling again and we’re off to Italy and the Med. We’ve decided to forgo the delights of the Brisbane summer for a few weeks. We leave tomorrow evening, flying into Dubai and then on to Venice.

The short Itinerary is Venice, Genoa, cruises to the East and Western Mediterranean, Rome, Florence and then a few days in England to see the wonderful Willows. Cleo is going off on her holidays to the Castellan Resort at Chandler. Apparently the rooms are nice, the food is great and the company is excellent. I’m hoping they serve her a fabulous Christmas dinner; at least two cans of cat food!

No cat food for us though. We’re spending Christmas on the MSC Fantasia It won’t be quite as much fun as Christmas at Mike and Tricia’s or Tony and Desley’s but we’ll have to make do! I’ve always wanted to go a Christmas cruise so I’m really excited. Looks like we’ll be in Greece on the 25th of December. It’s sure to be very quiet as everyone will be at Mass.

Next stop Dubai. An airport Peter hates but I love because it has so many power points easily accessible. MUST have my ipad charged at all time!!! They also serve good chips at the McDonalds.


Pj and Sandy xx


29th November 2015

a suggestion
Hi. Puni Distillery is only 3.43hrs to the north west of Venice
29th November 2015

Nooooooooo! Don't tell Peter that or we may have to go!

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