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April 24th 2014
Published: April 23rd 2014
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A week until I leave and so much to do!!! There's grocery orders to schedule for Dan and the kids, free dress days and the school trivia night to mark on the calendar, netball / rugby / dancing / guitar / tutoring to also highlight on the calendar and schedule with family and friends (so lovely of them to offer to help with the running around too), and then there's the dreaded packing!

Dropped a large container of frozen chicken stock on my middle left toe a few days ago (really Kylie, really) and although very sore and bruised, think it will be ok. Not what I need this close to the trip though.

Just checked the weather and looking to be colder than originally expected, oh well, at least there is red wine to warm me at night.

Ok, off to start on my 'to do' list.



1st May 2014

Well done with the frozen chicken stock. That's all you needed, when your feet are your main tool for this trip. I'm sure your drinking arm will hold up it's end when needed though. I hope your enjoying your plane trip (as much as one can), especially the 'me' time. Looking forward to reading about your journey. Have fun!
10th May 2014

Miss youoooooo......
Hi love. I'm missing you loads, wishing I was a with you but loving the updates!

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