Published: December 8th 2011
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What a great place!

Plenty of good camping spots.

We stayed for two nights at the Ellery Creek Big Hole and did some of the shorter walks there and at Ormiston Gorge.

It was a hot day when we arrived at Ellery Creek and took a walk to look at the water hole. No one was around so we stripped off down to undies and bra and jumped in! Freezing cold! Read the sign later to discover that it is always extremely cold. Have to be careful of hyperthermia in cooler months. It was great after you got used to it, very refreshing.

Stopped back into Alice Springs to pick up Max from his little holiday (Dog Kennel). He had a great time bunked up with an old greyhound. The two of them slept in air conditioned heaven in this luxury kennel.

Next couple of days filled with driving, driving and more driving with not much to see on the way.

Camped at Devils Marbles Again because we liked it there and were shocked at how packed it was. Friday night? Next day we stopped at Tennant Creek of all places to get some more alcohol. Great fun that was. Considering the number of locals in the street we thought it best we go through a drive through rather than walk out into the open with it. First drive through we got swarmed by about 20 locals so we decided to reverse back out and go to the one on the other side of the street which had no one standing around. You get served through bars here and if you are lucky like me they will unlock the gate and let you in to pick a bottle of wine. I would have liked to have bought more but I could see them all crossing the road so I made do with one. By the time we got back in and started the car they were all there, asking for a cigarette or a buck or whatever.

After we left Tennant Creek it rained all day. By around 3pm we pulled into Renner Springs to camp for the night as the highway was starting to get covered with water. Apparently the highway was completely cut further north. Have now discovered a new leak in the van but the previous two are all sealed.
Lookout over Ormiston GorgeLookout over Ormiston GorgeLookout over Ormiston Gorge

I think we look like hillbillies!

Up early next day and on the road again.

Nothing to see.

Stayed at a really great pub at Larrimah. The Larrimah Wayside Inn. It is a mini zoo which you get to stroll through for free. We had a good night here, cheap powered site ($18) and cheap drinks at the bar and a friendly little wallaby who likes a scratch. Also enjoyed the company of Mr BIG RIG beside us with his new F250 and new Goose Neck Dual Wheel Slide Out Van and his Hemma Navigator who winged about the price of the site along with everything else.

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The Pink Panther PubThe Pink Panther Pub
The Pink Panther Pub

Alos known as The Larrimah Wayside Inn

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