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June 17th 2012
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<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Ayers Rock via A Town called Alice

It’s me again.

Well we spent 5 days in Alice Springs where Wayne and Gaile got all the work done on their caravan they needed to do. I spent my birthday there and we didn’t do much as Jim has been pretty sick has got a bad flue even though he had a flue injection. He has been unwell for 6 days now, seems to be getting very slowly better. We went into the mall in Alice on my birthday and Jim bought me an Aboriginal painting and I bought an Aboriginal handbag - both are really nice. We didn’t go out for dinner as it was too cold.

We stocked up at the supermarket, it’s great to have a Woolworths to shop at again. The locals living in a lot of these remote places must do it really tough not enough shops and not a lot of variety. While in Alice we did a day trip to a place called Hermmansburg - west of Alice it was a German settlement, the first town in The Northern Territory and as we found out from Andrew Day (Jims Boss) it was where Martin Albrecht grew up. Martin was Managing Director of Thiess in the 80’s and 90s, so it had a bit of interest for us. Martins father was a Missionary out there – arriving in the 1920’s. The buildings that remain are obviously very old and the historical society are working hard on the upkeep of the place. It was really cold there and just as well we were all rugged up.

We had lunch in the Tea rooms which was nice, these places here aren’t kept very well - not like other parts of Australia where they take a lot more pride (and tourist money available) in their heritage.

We didn’t do much in Alice - I guess there is not a lot to do in Alice Springs plus it’s really cold. It has been good having internet though - so we could catch up with everyone. Alan and Jane have been Skyping home talking to the Grandkids. Everyone has been doing lots of shopping.

Well we left Alice on Thursday 7th June for Ayers Rock - 450k trip. Wayne and Gaile left a little earlier than us as they had to go back to the auto electrician - their blinkers weren’t working - again. The Leck’s and Jim and I took off ahead of the Hartners , we travelled at just 80ks per hour so we wouldn’t get to far a head of them.

At 200ks we rolled into the Earldunda Roadhouse at the turnoff to Ayers Rock and 2 mins behind us the Hartners were there so they did well.

We had lunch at the Roadhouse, which incidentally is just 70 km from the South Australian Border. Arrived at Ayers Rock Resort Campground around 3pm checked in and set up.

The Rock has been closed ever since we got here for some reason or other, but people ignore that and climb it anyway. Jim wanted to climb it again but he has been to unwell (and fragile) to do that and has spent most of his time here in bed. He did get up to go on the Sunset camel ride that was fabulous and enjoyed by all. Some pictures for the blog of that coming.

I booked myself a helicopter ride over the Rock, when the pilot picked me up - mmmmmm - he told me I had been up graded to a longer flight which included the Olgas - that was a nice surprise. I took our video camera but haven’t had enough lessons using it so I got a lot of really nice videos of my jeans and feet. At least I could work the camera a bit better and got some fairly good pics with that.

Then it was back for a quick shower and change ready for our “Sounds Of Silence Dinner“ - Jim didn’t make that as he was still too unwell. We were picked up by a flash coach and taken out to the Desert where we climbed a hill for a look at the Rock at Sunset. We were treated to Champagne and canapés of Kangaroo, Crocodile, and salmon.

The dinner a Buffet was really nice with lots of wine, beer, and food. A didgeredoo player provided the entertainment and a talk about the stars was all very interesting.

It all wrapped up at about 9 -30pm and we were all ready to come home.

Cold again today jackets on all day, we will be glad to move north to the warmer weather. We didn’t do much today I did some washing and vaccuming and we packed away the awning and chairs ready for an early departure tomorrow, Alan and Jane and Gaile and Wayne all went and did the Olgas walk today. Jim and I did it last time we were here and Jim is still recovering.


24th June 2012

aussie trip
Hi To you lucky travellers heres hoping jim has fully recoverd from that flu apart from that you all seem to be having a great experience ,if you want cold you can some of ours although it hasnt been to bad so far.The one thing that reminds me of myself is that the abbos have the same legs as mine ha almost ready to break.Alls well this end apart from Vaughan who has been unwell for some weeks but slowly coming right some sort of flu no doubt,we went up to Mangawhai heads few weeks back,thought of Alan & jane neat place .well folks hope jims ok and the rest of your trip is great,best regards mike & Vaughan.

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