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April 27th 2007
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Ummm... that's what they'll all be. Heh.

After that, I was barely home one minute, then I was off again (actually, I was home a tad under twenty-four hours: in Saturday night, out again Sunday Afternoon).

This time I was heading up the North Coast, to Grand old Taree. I have a love-hate relationship with Taree. I love the hospital, I love working there, I love the people, I love how you can be totally out-of-your-depth, yet not so much that you can't rise to the challenge. But I hate that it is three hours from home (two-forty if you're in a hurry, or it's later at night), and that they roll up the footpaths on five pm, and nothing is open except restaurants.

That said, I'd agreed to work there for three weeks: working 8-5, Monday to Friday. Ah, yes, the good old Monday to Friday. Except, of course, for those funny things called Public Holidays. Of which there were a few, as I recall, in April. Like Easter. All up I worked thirteen days, playing in their ED, and fretting every minute I wasn't busy. Just in case people are getting the idea that I have forgotten that I had promised
Surf's UpSurf's UpSurf's Up

I love a Storm Surf, even if I can't swim in it.
tales of overseas travels. Organising Visas (well, in the end, 1 Visa), organising accommodation, organising all those little things that are necessary for travel. But at this end of it, it seems to all be in place.

I went to the Royal Easter Show (sorry, no photos), to the Polo at Windsor (Chili V Australia, we won, but we maybe shouldn't've. I think it was only that Chile was on borrowed horses). I also spent some quality time at Blueys with my folks, and with my Aunt Katherine and Uncle Geoff, and their (unnaturally) blue Budgie, Charlie. And this last week I went down to Melbourne. I apologise to all those people in Melbourne that I did not catch up with, but as those that I did catch up with will attest, I was very strapped for time.

Yesterday, I picked up my passport, wandered around Sydney (bought my Birkenstocks), went to the Art Gallery of NSW (There is a painting there, on the back wall of the first room of Australian Paintings, that I will swear black and blue is of Elizabeth and Shelley Beaches, around the corner from Blueys), sat on the waterfront at Circular Quay

This and the next, taken on the same day.
and talked to a random German girl from Cologne about the hazards of long-term travel. She had been in Australia for eight months, had worked in Sydney for seven weeks, and in Winton (of all places!) for seven weeks also. I think she was a little lonely (watch me be this person in a month), we talked for about an hour. I then made my way to Newtown, and was introduced to Brita and Pete's new flat (very nicely kitted out, love their new lounge), and their new neighbourhood. I was accosted by Socialist Alternative on my way out of Newtown Train Station, and, God Forbid, was almost homesick for university life again! We had African at a restaurant they had never been to before, it was lovely, and Brita had her first red meat in ages (Goat).
I got home today, and have been catching up my blogs, and doing stuff, like making up a detailed itinerary for my mum, so she knows where I'm meant to be. In reality, while there's all these things I'd like to see, I have a few things pinned (like my Ukraine visa only runs from 27 June to 27 July), and everything

I took these around Christmas. All Artsy.
else... well, I'll be somewhere in the vicinity of where I said I'll be.

My next post, I'll give you the vicinities, until then, I'll leave you with random photos I have taken over the years (well, ok over one year, given that's how long I've owned my Digital camera), of Blueys.

Additional photos below
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Rocks and WaterRocks and Water
Rocks and Water

More Artsy.

I took this around Easter. who'd a thunk it?

30th May 2007

got a mention!
I got a mention! even though i only finally got the web address for your blog today! hehe enjoying this far more than the study i'm supposed to be doing.

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