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March 30th 2010
Published: April 14th 2010
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Wendy and Peter Wendy and Peter Wendy and Peter

This was taken well before Peter grew whiskers - actually a year ago - the day we took delivery of the van.
Still catching up with the news.

More Buns!

Wendy’s name started appearing on the weekly roster at the Buttercup Bakery for 2 shifts per week and she was being called in for one more shift at any time of the day or night. The work is very physically demanding and because our bodies weren’t used to it, all our muscles protested. Peter actually was waking in the early hours of a morning with severe numbness in his fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. When it became unbearable, he phoned the employment agency to inform them. The manager was on our doorstep within half an hour to take him to the doctor. The expert medical opinion was that his problem was work related (NOT something Cate wanted to hear!). The physio named the condition as “nerve entrapment”. Peter was now on Workers Comp! After 4 shifts! Synchronicity to the rescue! A few consulting jobs appeared from the ether to keep him busy.


Our hosts, Bob and Maureen delivered some bad news one evening. The developers who own the land behind their house, where we were camped, were about to start work on the subdivision. All the residents were
Carol and Ernie's Caravan ParkCarol and Ernie's Caravan ParkCarol and Ernie's Caravan Park

Can you see our new shade wall? The awning is also new. It was replaced under insurance due to wind damage.
given one week to clear away all their stored building materials, vegie gardens, caravans and old vehicles. That meant us freeloaders as well.

We had no need to worry. We had become good friends with another local couple who had made it quite clear that we were very welcome to stay on their property any time we needed to. Carol was taken back slightly when she saw the size of our van, though there was plenty of room for us. Ernie had mowed the front paddock for us and moved the foal in with the sheep.

Peter’s sister and brother-in-law, Judy and Ron came to visit. The front paddock was beginning to resemble a caravan park. Turbo the sheep-dog gave us a demonstration of his capabilities, rounding up the half dozen Dorper sheep. This variety of sheep doesn’t need to be shorn. The wool simply drops from their skin. They are bred for their excellent quality meat. One of Carol and Ernie’s four sons is a butcher who does “home kills” and makes the most excellent sausages, and bacon like it used to be! The 26 chickens keep Carol and Ernie well stocked with eggs.

Wendy’s Mum stopped in for a night on her way home, after a month tootling about with her caravan club friends. Almost 80 years young and no signs of stopping her yet.

We’ve had our Winnebago and Little Suzuki for a whole year already!

Wendy did her final shift at Buttercup on Thursday night before Good Friday, 9.30pm - 6.30am. Did you hear her celebrating as she drove home at dawn???

Easter saw us heading for the small village of Nundle. We were booked in to do our market stall at the Go for Gold Chinese Festival. There's gold in them thar hills. Carol and Ernie came with us with their gazebos and their market goodies. We stayed at the pony club and were able to have campfires each night. There are great facilities here for all you fellow campers. The entertainment for the festival, a group of young Chinese/Australian Lion Dancers and Dragon dancers, (sorry - no pictures) were also staying at the pony club. It was interesting to watch them go about their "camping" experience. They used sheets of newspaper to protect their hands when picking up their firewood.

We spent Monday exploring Sheba Dam and
Linda's handiworkLinda's handiworkLinda's handiwork

Linda learnt welding so that she could mend things around the property. Now she has bigger and better ideas!
picnicking at the trout farm. We didn't take the time to hire rods to catch our own but we didn't want to miss out so we bought some fish from their shop. Barbecued trout with butter, chives and lemon made for a delicious dinner at one of our favourite spots, Wallabadah. We then lit a small fire, Peter brought out his harmonica and we sat under the stars, reflecting on the past few months, and wondering what lay ahead for us.

We both felt quite sad as we left the Tamworth area behind, not that we were going to miss Buttercup, but all our new friends. We’ll be thinking of you all at some stage or another as we continue our journey.


14th April 2010

Great to hear your news
Hi guys, Wow time does fly. I can't believe its been 12months since you bought the Camper. Great to hear all your news and feeling very envious of your free lifestyle (maybe this will be our year). Glad you are both well and having funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Love Susan
14th April 2010

have never had this sort of e-mail before,wasn,t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised, Peter you looked different without your beard, Where are you situated now? We are getting ready for the Kooty Pumpkin Festival on Sun. Hope to hear from you again soon.
15th April 2010

massage is your answer peter
Hey guys ..... Peter you will just have to comeback to the central coast for regular massages till your shoulder nerve entrapment is better ..... love the welding work how clever is she missing you keep on keeping on x carol

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