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February 22nd 2015
Published: February 22nd 2015
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Hi everyone, well hold onto you're hats everyone but I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge !!! Oh yes !! was I scared, Oh yes !! You have no idea !! Stu refused to do it, said he would rather eat a crocodile !! So all week I psyched myself up to do this, decided not to pick the longest hike as this is our last day in Sydney and didn't have all day to do this, plus it is very hard going. So went down to the bridge climb for my time slot, the bambi legs were out !!, infact I felt them locking, what was I thinking !! So Stu waves me off, there were 5 of us, luckily one lady was as scared as me, she was doing it because her young son wanted to do it. Tom our team leader was really nice, he asked who was scared, me and this lady said we were, he said,'you're be fine, you will be hooked on'. Oh help. I wanted to blubb at this point !! So we went through briefing, we had to be breathalysed first, then given our jump suits, signed declarations, harnesses hooked on, hats attached, sunglasses attached, no jewellery, no camera, shoes and socks given to us and away we went. Out onto the plank !! Higher and higher, saw Stu below taking photos. Up iron steps, sea below, road below, up and up and up and up. Got really scared, but when I was like that, didn't look down. Calmed myself by doing yoga breathing! love yoga ! Started to enjoy it for moments, then scaredy moments took over then calm again. Everyone was in good spirits, Tom gave us some history of the bridge, they had big covers at the end of it and apparently they were painting the whole thing with grey silicone paint, wait for it, they started it in 2003 !! No kidding. It will be ok for about 20 years, then they will start the whole process again. Have no idea how high I went, but believe me it was high !! I didn't go to the arch top as that was the longest hike, 3 1/2 hours. Mine was an hour an a half to get where I did. Now having a beer, I am still shaking !!! But glad I did it.

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22nd February 2015

Well I cannot believe you did it,really proud of you,good for you!! Love Dolly.x

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