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January 17th 2010
Published: January 17th 2010
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This was our free hamburger at our hostel. Beggers can't be choosers I suppose!
Jan 17th Sunday

Hello hello! We’re still alive and kickin! Last we wrote we were at Bondi beach enjoying the sunshine. Only a wee bit has changed since then. We moved back into Sydney to a little town called Glebe. Our hostel is almost half the price of what we were paying in Bondi so that really beat all other preferences. It’s a small hippy town with lots of shops and cafés along the road. We’ve been here for the last 4 days so its been nice to relax a bit, just knowing we have a place to hang our hat.

Since back in the city we decided to use up our transit passes we bought earlier this week. We took a ferry out to Darling Harbor, walked along the wharf, listened to some street performers and had a latte back at Circular Quay. We found our way to Chinatown since I was craving a cocunut bun! There just about the same here as in Canada’s Chinatown. Its been overcast for the past 3 days, which we’re not impressed with. How are we suppose to catch up with the locals here! (Even if we tried our hardest I don’t think we’d even come close) We woke up yesterday and there weren’t many clouds in the sky so we took a ferry to Manly beach. Awesome ferry ride, tons of sailboats and crusiers along side of us as we reached Manly Warf. By the time we reached the beach (had to stop and feed ourselves grocery aisle style) it was overcast. I actually shivered on the beach during the Australian summer. We still made the most of it.

We treated ourselves to dinner last night. Delicious meal! I don’t think Cody has been that full since he’s gotten here. Our hostel is very cool! Much better atmosphere here than at Bondi. We cooked our first hostel meal, spagetti and toast, the other night. Free breakfast at this hostel and we had a free BBQ on Friday night. Check out the picture of our burgers! YUM! Our roomies have been great. We’ve gotten to know a young Scottish couple, Gary and Rosana. They gave us the downlow on Scotland and its hotspots! We’re having dinner with them tonight before we head for our bus. We are starting our trek up the coast. Our first stop is in Coffs Harbor. Our bus ticket allows us to stop and get off when we want so we’ll keep you all posted on our next adventure!!



17th January 2010

Hello you three!!! thanks for taking the time to give us some news. We are a bit more relaxed now, but grampa and I have been sitting on the "edge of our sofa" in the bedroom, waiting for more news. We have settled back now and are looking forward to enjoying your trip via the internet. What a time you've had but glad that, hopefully!!!!!, the worst is behind you. Hope the weather warms up a bit, too. We had Noreen with us last week as she wasn't well enough to continue the sp. tour in Oregon. She caught a heavy cold and bronchial cough. She's better now and Graham and Caroline Wainwright picked her up yersterday and took her to Merrit where she'll wait for Janet Mose, her companion to join her. Went to Doug and Gayles yesterday. He was in ferndale cutting cabinets with Trevor. We helped Gayle clean out some of the cabinets. We saw the granite sample for the first time and also the colours they have chosen for the cabinets and flooring. Looks great. Rhonda is going to come with grpa. and I to the dr. appt. on Tuesday. Hope grpa. gets enough information to help clear up the "picture" of what he can do and what he can't. Right now he isn't too sure. All for now, all our love, and have a good time. Know that you will make lots of contacts with young people on your travels. Do you stand up or sit down in mtgs.? Love, grpa and gma. good
18th January 2010

So good to read about your ventures. Food is wonderment hey! Hugs to you all. Love GGLC
28th January 2010

I WON!!!!
OKAY GUESS WHAT...... I had my first ever BASKETBALL game and my team won , it was 20 18 (20 is us). I had 5 assist no baskets. I knew a lot about the game because of all your basketball games:) love you lots your exited cousin Cassidy Shae

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