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April 10th 2007
Published: April 10th 2007
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Surf competition going on in this one. Lots of people were on the beach, I got only a friction in this one.
Hello everyone and greetings from Coffs Harbour! Im writing in english this time 'cause so many have wanted me to do so.

So been to Forster and did the job for two weeks. I enjoyed it very much but it was time to move on. I came here on wednesday with Patrik and Kasper and Im heading up to Byron bay alone today. Ill be spending there atleast a week depending on how I like it. It's supposed to be a real party place. Let's hope so 😊

Ive had a great time here in Coffs. Lot's of good people to hang out, great beach, pubs and white river rafting. Our first impression of our Hostel here wasnt a good one, because they forgot us!!! We arrived late, @ 3am, and had called about it at 9pm. They said they would leave a key for us. Well, They didn't!! So we slept on the pavement 'till 6am and got the room then when they came to work. I got a cold and been sneezing all the time but it hasnt slowed me down at all.

I went out on Sat night and had a great time. Somehow
Forster natureForster natureForster nature

This is right next to our hostel, the tide was low so I was able to go behind the rocks and found this peaceful spot!
I ended up in a group that had arrived from a wedding and I partied with them the rest of the night. Came back to the hostel around 4am and had to wake up at 6am because we went white river rafting. I think I was still drunk when we sat in the car to the river but all went well and we all had a blast! We were lucky, 'cause we got this crazy guide who made the river that one notch more exciting! WE LOVED IT!

I actually saw my first Premiership game last night. Bolton-Everton it was. That was fun. Almost had forgotten how they play football. Well not really 😊

Got to go cook some lunch, so hungry,


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The Forster familyThe Forster family
The Forster family

This is our Forster family, from the left; Me, Gav, Fiona, Dave, Mark, Kasper and Patrik.
One mile beach @ ForsterOne mile beach @ Forster
One mile beach @ Forster

Probably the most beautiful beach so far in my trip. If u look close, the little dots down r the Forster Family. Lotte, Kim, Kasper, Mark, Patrik and Fiona are down there!
Sunset @ ForsterSunset @ Forster
Sunset @ Forster

This one is taken at the heart of Forster. This is the scene from town center. There are dolphins in the water. A lot of them.
Dolphins @ ForsterDolphins @ Forster
Dolphins @ Forster

Here's my best pic of the Dolphins. If u look close, that's a baby dolphin in the middle jumping in the water. Dolphins came routine in Forster, that's how many of them are there!
Our home @ ForsterOur home @ Forster
Our home @ Forster

That's the Dolphin Lodge!
Local Bottle Shop in CoffsLocal Bottle Shop in Coffs
Local Bottle Shop in Coffs

Now this is how you should get your beer and wine everywhere :)
Coffs Harbour BeachCoffs Harbour Beach
Coffs Harbour Beach

This beach is literally a stone's trow from my door in my hostel!
Life @ the hostelLife @ the hostel
Life @ the hostel

This is what it is. And it's every night! Fiona, Shaneed, Tooheys new and me :)

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