Wanderings in Australia - 7 - Road Trip - Australian Capital Territory

Published: March 3rd 2015
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Our journey continued due south to the Australian Capital Territory and into the capital city of Australia - Canberra. Our first impression was of a quiet city with wide open boulevards lined by large Eucalypt trees, low buildings and the feeling of space. We found our hotel, with the help of Sheila, which was situated on capital hill and were pleasantly surprised that it had been recently refurbished. As it was a Sunday we had a drive around the city, enjoying the lack of traffic. We visited the National War Museum which was extensive. There were many exhibits, maps plans, photographs etc presented in a way which explained all the conflicts that Australian troops had taken part in. The Australians appear to honour their war dead in a big way.

Next day, although hot and sunny, was a day for more museums. We initially visited Parliament House, which can be seen from a distance on top of Capital Hill. We went on an organised tour which was very informative. We leant how the building was constructed in an innovative way, being built within the top of the hill after the earth had been removed and which was then replaced around parts of the building. This resulted in the building having a grass roof in some areas!! We were amazed how visitors could wander around inside the building and even on the grass roof.

The next stop was the National Museum Of Australia. This involved a drive across a relatively long bridge over Lake Burley Griffin, the man-made lake which separates Canberra into two halves. The Museum was set on a small promontory jutting into the lake and consisted of a futuristic building, with a very colourful large spiral design at the entrance acting as a covered walkway. The museum was split into different sections and we particularly enjoyed the section called "Journeys" which detailed the timeline of Australian development both of the country and its people.

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