Where is everybody???

Published: August 3rd 2009
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Seriously where? We got off our looooong bus journey through the country-side to be met with, not much. Canberra was a city designed on a big drawing board by some pompous architect as THE Australian capital. Result - a city of huge wide roads, lots of circular roads, ugly commercial buildings and the odd nice parliamentary building. Our motel was a little bit of a dive, imagine a 60's american motel crossed with that lovely Thavorn hotel in Phuket (check back throught the blogs for that review) . But it was fine, complete with TV and microwave, bonus. Needless to say we drank tea and ate noodles and micro lasagne for the weekend! On Saturday we got tickets for the NRL game, Brisbane Broncos versus Canberra Raiders. We walked up the the Parliament Hill, saw a Kevin Rudd lookalike then ended up in the suburb of Kingston. We managed to walk the whole way across the Canberra City Map with seeing only a handful of people. So we got the bus back to city centre and settled down in most probably the only pub in A.C.T, an Irish bar, for lunch before the match. So the match was pretty damn cold and to be honest not the greatest, the final score? 56-0. We lost. Tremendously. I spoke to Brisbane Mick earlier, he actually cried when he heard the score! Today we dropped Ross at the bus station (where I now sit) and headed to the National Museum, which turned out to be quite the architectural gem. The exhibits were OK but the building's pretty cool, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves instead of boring you all. :D
Right now I'm waiting for the bus to Sydney where we're meeting some young folks for a few beverages before meeting Mum on Tuesday.
Toodles xxx

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Go Broncos!!!Go Broncos!!!
Go Broncos!!!

we lost 56 nil :(

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