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January 7th 2017
Published: January 27th 2017
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Typical scenery in WyomingTypical scenery in WyomingTypical scenery in Wyoming

Typical scenery in Wyoming. From Pixabay, no attribution required.
Ever been on a road trip through Wyoming? It's 2 hours between towns, windy, and wonderful. But being all cramped up in the car for so long can really take it's toll! Sitting in one position will wreak havoc on your back and body. But luckily, frequent breaks are part of the fun of a road trip. Here are 3 tips to help you get through your next trip through Wonderful Wyoming - or wherever your travels may take you.

1. Look for the most unique places

Sure, everyone has a Subway for lunch. But why not stop off somewhere else, and experience a little local flavor? In Rock Springs, Wyoming I once stumbled upon the most wonderful greasy little burger joint ("Grubs"). And it was just because I was chatting up a convenience store clerk on my way through town. I asked her where I could get a good burger in town, and her face lit right up. It's a local favorite, and a delicious experience.

2. Meet the locals

And speaking of chatting up the locals... do it! Being on the road alone for hours always makes me appreciate the contact with locals I do get. To them, we might be just another tourist on the road - but you'll come across the occasional chatterbox as well. In my hometown, I happened to ask about the owner of the gas station I was fueling up at. In taking my name, the clerk recognized my last name and asked if I was related to Sharon - who she read had recently passed away. I told her that was the reason for my visit, and that Sharon was my mother. The clerk and I exchanged teary eyes as she told me of how she felt so isolated when she first moved to town, met my mom at church and suddenly felt like she had a lifelong friend. That conversation touched me deeply, and knowing that this stranger had such a wonderful experience with my mother was priceless.

3. Get some exercise

The great part about Wyoming is that there is plenty of open space. And I mean plenty! In fact, much of the state is BLM land, owned by you! The Bureau of Land Management has few restrictions and there are plenty of places you can pull off the road and walk around a little. Of course, be careful for rattlesnakes. But some areas of the state get very little automotive traffic. I've pulled over and practiced some martial arts (sans karate uniform, of course) in desolate areas and experienced magical moments of solitude. Take advantage of where you are! If nothing is around, enjoy that solitude.

I hope you've enjoyed my simple tips. Where have you been lately, and what would you add?


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