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November 28th 2011
Published: November 28th 2011
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There was a 10am start as our next destination was not far - Cody. Sadly we were leaving Yellowstone behind, but before we did, we stopped off for one last small hike towards a large lake. It was only a mile or so from the road, and when we got there, we were the only ones to appreciate the simple beauty of it. It appeared just so calm and tranquil.

Just as soon as we exit Yellowstone, and after stopping for a group photo of the sign welcoming people to the Park, we stopped for lunch outside a general store stop. We had a look around inside, and I tried to find some inspiration for presents for Grace, but all I could find was a glass dream catchers, which I knew would not survive the rest of the trip and the flight home.

After failing, I joined the rest for lunch alfresco, making a quick sandwich, before trying my hand at the game of horseshoes. Turned out my accuracy was fairly consistent, and I even hit the poles several times. It seemed to take my mind away from missing out on Grace's birth.

We then rolled into Cody and straight into our campsite. It was basically someones back yard, with a large green garden for camping, and a wash facility at the back where a small number of RVs could park up. It was a nice little place, to go with the stretch of road it lies on, on the outskirts of Cody itself.

After we unloaded and the others set up their tents, I called home and spoke to mum, and reassured everyone that we were fine and what had happened in the last few days.

Soon after Todd took us into Cody for us to make our way back along the main road to the visitors centre near the beginning. Steve and I were on a mission to find a cowboy hat for him, and another one for me if possible!

We were in the perfect place as nearly every other shop we passed sold cowboy hats and boots, all being very expensive, so our search ended in failure. I did however get a box for my hat, which turned out to be more expensive than the hat itself! I also got the dream catcher for Grace, a nice little one, as well as a bigger one for me, to hang up by her window.

Dinner was at <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Bubba's where the food was great but the service was shocking, before we left in a rush to head for the Cody Nite Rodeo, which was awesome!

Like most events in these United States of America, it begins with the National Anthem, where everyone rose to their feet, hats were removed, and a parade let by a cowgirl on her horse holding the <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Stars and Stripes as the 'coolest' national anthem followed, but I could only laugh to myself at the ending, where I will always think of the <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Naked Gun baseball scene where <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Frank Drebbin is chased off by security after ending his version!

Then the real action started, but Kylie got really upset, to the point of tears, when the small calves were chased, lazooed and tied up before reaching the other end of the arena. It seemed every contestant caught them, but then suddenly one missed out and Kylie cheered as loud for the calf as any of the other spectators had for the contestants. Having found it so similar quite quickly, I joined in with Kylie for the calves.

There was also a junior's section but there were only 3 contestants, before moving on. Through it all there was a commentator that can be seen in the gantry of the main stand opposite us, talking us through everything<em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">.

His 'sidekick' was the rodeo clown who was down on the arena floor who helped with the clearing up after every contestant as well as steering the stray animals to their pens. Though he made it look very funny, a fraction of a second here or there, and we would get to see someone gored or flipped arse over tit on to their ass. It is a very dangerous sport, if that's what you can call it.

As the clown and his crew set up for some obstacle course, there was some crowd participation for entertainment. What's more 2 of the three called out were Zach and Joanna.

Turned out it was a set up on the third participant with all three having to take part in a contest that involved some pretty decent dancing from both Zach and Joanna. Total respect for them to get up and dance in front of a hundreds of people.

Finally the main event of the bull riding arrived which again was awesome. Just seeing the bulls going mad trying to get the rope of their rumps and in doing so throwing the contestants off their backs at the same time was so awesome.

There was a cheer every time one fell even if it was a bad landing (hey if they didn't want to get hurt, or break every bone in their body, they picked the sport, or whatever it is, in the first place. Plus with several cheep beers inside of you, it's real easy to cheer for the hard landing over the taming of the bull - if it actually happens!).

All in all it was a pretty decent evening spent, with everyone, including Kylie eventually, having a great time. If I could go to another rodeo I would. The beers cheap and flows pretty well.

When we reached camp which was not far away, Steve, Zach, Scott and some of the others headed over the road to <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Cassie's for more beer and pool, with Steve and I beating Zach and Scott again.

When we arrived the sun was blazing down on us, and as we made our way back to camp and to bed, the temperature had dropped a tad. It was a great night to sleep out and I did, with all my stuff stored under the picnic tables that made up my latest bed. It was still warm with a nice little breeze every now and then.


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