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August 7th 2009
Published: August 8th 2009
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Devils Tower
Today I started out by leaving Rapid City and heading West through Sturgis. I was expecting to see thousands of Harleys but was thoroughly disappointed when I only saw a few. Perhaps it was because I just stayed on the interstate or maybe they venture out during the day only to come back and tear it up at night, whatever the reason I would say that I saw far more in the surrounding areas earlier in the week. Guess I'll just have to come back some other time to hear the rolling thunder of all them hogs.
First stop after Sturgis was Devil's Tower. It was a very interesting formation and I enjoyed it. Unlike Rushmore and Crazy Horse this was one of the busier parks that I actually enjoyed. Maybe because it was created by a natural phenomenon and not man trying to put his own personal touches on the side of some mountain. Anyways, I walked the short hike around the tower and took some pics. Saw a couple of guys who were climbing the tower. Either they have balls the size of watermelons, or they were nuttier than squirrel shit, because you wouldn't catch me trying to do

Road to Devils Tower
that. The thing goes straight up over 1000 ft!
After Devil's Tower I began the trek westward across the rest of Wyoming. Had to go through The Bighorn Mountains. The vistas were unbelievable. That was my first car ride through a mountain range and I must say it was awesome. There was at least a couple times when I had to pinch myself and ask, "Is this real, am I really here right now..... or could this whole trip be some sort of really intense dream?" Life is good and it's only getting better.
I arrived at Cody, WY around 7 p.m. Its about 50 miles east of Yellowstone. Early tomorrow I will be leaving for the park to hopefully get a park service campsite. I plan to spend the next 3 nights there. Should get a chance to see all the main stuff and go on a few hikes. Can't wait!!

Until I get computer access again.

Lesson of the day: Even Einstein concluded the universe must have been formed by an intelligent creator, some things are just too damn beautiful to leave to simple chance.

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Devils Tower up close and personal

Working on my Mike Pride pose

Going up Bighorn Mountains

This pic just doesn't do the view justice

13th August 2009

Friggin Awesome!
Hey man, I've been following all along! Looks like your having a sweet time. I'm Jealous.... Get back in one piece. P.S. You almost have the mike pride face down... maybe by the time you get to Cali you'll be a pro!
19th August 2009

I don't know what this whole "Mike Pride pose" is...but whatever it is... I don't think you can pull it off. :(

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