Countdown To Departure 2016!

Published: June 24th 2016
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That days a flying by, the time is ticking down and we are moving ever closer to our European adventure! As you continue to pore over and add to the packing list you received at the last meeting, and become more and more excited and anxious for departure, here are a few important links to consider in order to best prepare for the upcoming tour.

First, here are a few important links from the TSA-

TSA List of Prohibited Items-

TSA Liquids Rule-

Here is a link to Iceland Air’s Baggage Information-

Rick Steve’s Tips of Packing Light-

Here is a short, but good video with some packing tricks to maximize space and organization-

Here is a site that helps you reduce jet lag! You can also get the app!

So, now you are packed and ready! Here are a few fun links to explore about the first leg of our trip!

Here is a link to Iceland Air’s in flight entertainment options-

Here is a link to view the seating arrangement on the plane so that you can use your copy of the ticket to see right where you will be!

And now… Iceland! I can’t wait to be back in Reykjavik, even just for a day! It is an amazing town with incredible color, culture, and the natural surroundings are phenomenal!

The official web site for Iceland-

Iceland Tourism Site-

Visit Reykjavik-

Our Hostel In Iceland-

A bit of Icelandic History-

If you come across any cool information and anything that you would like to share, email me and I will post it on the next blog!


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