Timing is everything! 49.4 miles/ 2800 feet

Published: May 23rd 2018
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Having studied the anticipated weather for today, Bruce and I realized we had better finish by about 2 PM or we would most likely get very wet with afternoon thunderstorms expected.

Today was another splendid ride down the Shenandoah Valley on very quiet roads. The pictures today say it all as we passed so many idyllic areas of rolling hills, tall deciduous forests and running streams.

I really am impressed with the route Adventure Cycling picked because Bruce and I knew the interstate was always fairly close but the areas we passed haven’t changed in hundreds of years.

Bruce looked up a brewery in Troutville and agreed to meet his brother Bernie there to whisk us away to his home an hour away.

As we neared Troutville we eagerly anticipated that first well earned sip of a good Ale. ( Oh that’s right, Bruce is a Lager person.)

Anyhow, we turned the corner at just under 50 miles to find the Brewery CLOSED☹️

Bernie reported being about 11 minutes away as we sat there totally exposed watching the Cumulonimbus climbing higher, the sky darkening and the Thunder cracking!


Just then he and Dorothy came around the corner and pulled up ready to load us up.

We got loaded, piled into the car and pulled away just as the rain began to fall!

Timing is everything!

That is the second time we finished our day JUST IN TIME!

Bruce pulled out his handy iPhone and discovered there was, I KID YOU NOT!!, a Ballast Point Brewery 5 minutes away!

Go figure!

We had a beer and a great lunch and headed for Bernie’s Lake House on Smith Mountain Lake.

What a stunning home situated on a beautiful lakefront acre. It is really going to be hard to leave this!

After a quick shower, we all jumped in Bernie’s and Dorothy’s boat, ( no rain over here), and spent a great hour or so touring their portion of the lake. There are actually 500 miles of shoreline to this massive lake.

After returning to Paradise, we were treated to another beer and wonderful Irish Stew. Bruce and I both decided it was time to retire to our SUITES to rest for tomorrow’s long day.

Traveling with Bruce is a real treat, both in company and accommodations.

I’m going to miss this!

See you tomorrow.

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Monument commemorating Col John Buchanan  Monument commemorating Col John Buchanan
Monument commemorating Col John Buchanan

The town was named after Col Buchanan. It was established in 1611. It’s importance consisted of it being the Western terminus of the James River at that time. Hunters and explorers passed through here moving toward Lynchburg.
Unique Antique ShopUnique Antique Shop
Unique Antique Shop

I wonder if the American Pickers have been here?

If course we did find a Ballast Point right down the road!
Who would have thought?Who would have thought?
Who would have thought?

A giant Ballast Point Brewery in Troutville, Va.

23rd May 2018

Silver lining in those clouds...
Go Bob go! Soooo cooooool to be truly enjoying beauty, good luck, good food and good friends for good times. Keep on peddling! Grand adventure
23rd May 2018
Who would have thought?

Ballast Point in Virginia!
What a fun discovery! Glad you made it :)
23rd May 2018
Who would have thought?

Hi Bre
Glad you are reading my posts. Isn’t that amazing Ballast point was there?

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