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July 14th 2008
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So the plan was to get onto the Appalachian Trail... so i come to Roanoke, the closest town to the trails in these here parts. The reality is its a fair ways outa town and heads right into the middle of the range. On my own that all looks a little daunting, what with tales of homeless crazies living in the woods and lots of bears along that part of the trail. So i decide on walking the blue ridge parkway instead. So go into roanoke get some more food and cereal bars and then see a small container of mace.. so get that too... so am now walking arsenal.... hunting knife, axe and mace... hoo ya give me a gun and i'll be an american at last...

Would have pics of roanake but i deleted them.... doh!! but really your not missing much


17th July 2008

Danger Will Robinson
Of course, you know that now you've actually got weapons, this is the time you'll get mugged!!!

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