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May 18th 2008
Published: June 28th 2008
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 Video Playlist:

1: Walls 267 secs
2: Late Last Night 254 secs
3: Cry Lonely 243 secs
4: Cold Hearted Woman 234 secs
5: Hammer Down 234 secs
6: Creep 351 secs
Schroeder Hall Schroeder Hall Schroeder Hall

View of the bar area and some of the locals
Wow, it's my birthday and Zdena amazingly agrees to drive with me to a tiny Texas town called Schroeder, Texas to see my favourite band - Cross Canadian Ragweed. My birthday fell on a Saturday night, so it seemed like fate that we got to go. We drove to Goliad, Texas first because that's where the web site and tickets said Schroeder Hall was located, but we soon discovered after arriving in Goliad, that Schroeder Hall was located in, well Schroeder, Texas! We asked a local and got directions and drove another 13 miles or so and in the middle of nowhere saw this large neon lit building with tons of pick up trucks pulling in. Then I recognized CCR's bus from the previous concert and knew we were there.

Schroeder Hall is billed as the second oldest dance hall in Texas. It's really a big place, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and has a huge bar running all across the back. The center area is all open, but there is a side section with really long tables. It's the kind of place where people bring a bottle of Bourbon and get "set ups" which are mixers, ice, glasses,
My Corona "Fully Dressed"My Corona "Fully Dressed"My Corona "Fully Dressed"

They asked me if I wanted my first Corona "Fully Dressed" and I asked what that meant. She showed me by rubbing lime all over the neck of the bottle and then salting it down. When I went to get another one, I requested that it be "Fully Dressed" and this is what she gave me - a Corona in a tux!
etc. I started the evening off with "fully dressed" Coronas. It was the perfect beginning to a great night.

You can visit their web site at:

It was a perfect night and I got some great videos from my little digital camera so you can get an idea of what it was like to be there. I actually was able to record a number of complete songs on my 2 GB Memory Stick, plus get a few photos in as well, but mostly I just had a blast. Nothing makes me happier than to see Zdena moving to the music!

The last video is a song called Creep and it a song from Stone Temple Pilots - they did a great cover of it.

I know after watching these videos some of you may catch the CCR virus and will likely want to hear more. That's perfectly normal and happens to many people. I can tell because at both shows I went to there were lots of people singing along, some obviously had seen them many times before. I highly recommend their music and love listening to their CD's, but seeing them live is the real deal.

You can get more information and see where they will be playing next at their web site:


Additional photos below
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Standing Room Only...Standing Room Only...
Standing Room Only...

You can see there were a few other people who came to celebrate my birthday.
Cody CanadaCody Canada
Cody Canada

Cody doing his thing - he's hard to photograph becuase he moves too fast to get a good shot, but here's one of my better ones.
Cody CanadaCody Canada
Cody Canada

Do you see what I mean? This guy moves to the music!
Grady CrossGrady Cross
Grady Cross

This guy is a great guitar player and we were standing right in front of him all night. Sadly, he often gets overlooked by...well you know who...

30th June 2008

The videos are great!! i hope they come up to boston again soon. :)

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